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Anthony Ficuciello

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Architect

By Anthony Ficuciello Architects, by definition, are specialized in organizing space. This means that they design things like skyscrapers, houses, parks, and recreational facilities. To be an Architect, one must not only get a bachelor's degree in architectural design, but also: Some colleges that offer Architecture as a major include ITT Tech,Florida technical college, and the International Academy of design and technology. The salary range for a starting Architect: $32,000-$45,000 have an internship with another Architect maintain a B+ average be interested in math and science take the ARE, an architectural exam Architects are suspected to be popular for a long time, since they design houses. However, this career is predicted to grow by 2018 as the demand for 'green houses' grow. There won't be any particular spot in the U.S. where Architects are favored, as they just work wherever a building needs to be built. Architects use software like Paint and Photoshop to create designs of houses they work on. They might also create both the floor plan and the design through Photoshop. Architect's clients include: Business owners Park Directors Homeowners Entrepreneurs Mayors Landlords and anyone else who needs facilities designed. Architects need material to make the building from different businesses, as well as a construction team from another business. Architects often need to fit all of the customer's criteria into a single building, all while making it as reliable and efficient as possible. Dimensions, angles, and geometry are all used daily in
an Architect's career. Both written and verbal communication are everywhere in an Architect's life. Whether it be talking to the construction team about a certain material, or to a client about certain expectations, Architects always communicate with someone either verbally or virtually. This has been a day in the life of an architect, and I hope you've enjoyed my presentation. END
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