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Flexibility skill:

No description

Omniã Kàmál

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Flexibility skill:

Flexibility skill:
What is flexibility?
How can you show a recruiter that you are adaptable?

It’s not sufficient just to say “I am adaptable”, you need to give evidence of your adaptability by giving examples. You can draw on situations like these to help you demonstrate your adaptability:

 Working in a part-time job whilst doing a degree
 Changing holiday plans at the last minute
 Living in another country.

Flexibility involves:

Flexibility is about adapting successfully to changing situations and environments. No workplace environment ever stays the same, so you will need to be able to change your job role and responsibilities at short notice. Being able to multi-task and perform several tasks at once is also vital in the workplace.
 adapting successfully to changing situations & environments

 Keeping calm in the face of difficulties

 Planning ahead, but having alternative options in case things go wrong

 Thinking quickly to respond to sudden changes in circumstances

 Anticipating & responding positively to changing environments

 Taking on new challenges at short notice.

 Dealing with changing priorities/workloads
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