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What is Prezi

No description

Jonathan Palfy

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of What is Prezi

What can i do with prezi?
And lastly borrow from youtube
The origin of prezi
Peter Halacsy
What Can I DO With Prezi?
add your personal Photos
Right from the start, there are
many personalization
and templates you can add
to your Prezi
Who Created Prezi
In creating Prezi, there were three co-founders,
What can I do with Prezi?
With Prezi you can make your presentation fun with different additions.
How do i use prezi
There are many ways fun ways to personalize photos in Prezi
What is Prezi?
Prezi is a software that makes it easy and fun to make sequential presentations.
With internet photos
And pre-made drawings and shapes from Prezi
you can also put in your own documents
highlight key parts
and videos
Prezi started in 2009
Cloud based presentation and storytelling application
Used to display ideas on digital media
You can emphasize things with arrows and lines
The word "prezi" is the hungarian for Presentation
Peter Arvai
Adam Somlai-Fische
Adam Somlai-Fischer

Peter Halacsy

Peter Arvai

Principal artist
of Prezi
Gives architect
lectures across
Founding father of prezi
chief technology officer and
resident speaker of prezi

Can share stories in a memorable and engaging way
chief executive officer
of prezi
founded medical company in sweden
speaks Japanese, Swedish,
Hungarian, and English,

But there were many more individuals
Peter A.
Peter H
Adam S.
How do I use Prezi
The prezi software is very simple, effective, and fun to use.
You have almost unlimited space to express you ideas and messages
This Presentation
How do i use prezi
How do i use prezi
There are so many possible features to add to your presentation
This is the home screen when you log into prezi
How do i use prezi
How do i use prezi
How do I use Prezi
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