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Nowhere to Call Home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Nowhere to Call Home

Nowhere to Call Home
Timeline by Gibby
Chapter 1
In chapter 1 there is a girl named Frances that has a normal life but due to the stock market crash and the great depression, Frances dad commits suicide leaving her homeless and penniless.
Chapter 2
Frances is introduced to the life of a hobo and she wants to try being a hobo but everyone tells her its not good for a girl to do that kind of thing.
Chapter 4
In chapter 4 Frances finally has to leave the house and all of her friends who were the workers and she rides a taxi to go and take a train to Chicago.
Chapter 5
In chapter 5 Frances is on the train and she finally decides that she is not going to go to Chicago and she is going to be a hobo so she trades in her ticket so she can get cash and is escorted to a taxi but once the guy left she ran out of the taxi.
Chapter 3
In chapter 3 Frances is really starting to get interested in being a hobo and she thinks that she is wanting to try it.
Nowhere to Call Home Timeline
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
After Frances left the train she went to buy cloths so she could look like a boy. After the cloths were on she realized that she still looked like a girl because of her long hair so she had to cut it.
In chapter 7, Frances hops on to her first train and she meets a guy named Stewpot because he was on the same train cart as Frances.
Chapter 8-9
In chapter 8-9 Frances goes to a jungle and she meets new people and she sees girls there so she thinks about admitting that she is a girl and she also does her first job to get paid in food.
Chapter 10-13
Frances gets her first knife and thanks to Stewpot she got the knife for 25 cents and not a dollar. She also learns how to widdle.
Chapter 14-16
In these chapters Stewpot and Frances are riding the rails and Stewpot is telling her about his dreams.
Chapters 17-19
Frances comes out to Stewpot and he is not surprised. Stewpot and Frances get caught by a bull and have to stay the night in a jail cell but the next day they were off and in the direction they wanted to go.
Chapters 20-24
Frances is trying really hard to get Stewpot to see the mountains and they eventually do. Stewpot is also becoming REALLY sick and once they get to a Hooverville a guy that lives there helps them(he was studying to be a doctor). Later, Frances is trying to bring him to the hospital but he dies in her arms.
Chapters 25-26
Frances and the guy that helped her buried Stewpot and Frances said her goodbyes. She left to go back to see her aunt, once she gets ther she sees a picture of a cat on the fence post.
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