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Dog Watch Catch a Robber

No description

Beth Gordon

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Dog Watch Catch a Robber

Dog Watch Catch a Robber

Main Characters: Kito
Kito is a intelligent dog because in the story he can read. He is caring to others. He is also determined because he wants to catch the robber. He is also very obedient to his owners. He is kind and helpful to all dogs. He is very cautious because he doesn't like strangers.
Compare & contrast
Helps all dogs and are kind= Freindly

On the look out at all times= catios
Always focuses on something= Determined

Always is kind to new dogs= Acceptance
Always looking on the bright side of things= Positive

Always thinks food is a cure= Food orientated
By: Austin Hulsey
Rising action
Falling action
Kito and Chester walk to the corner store and notice it's been robbed. The owner in his hat and shorts tells the police that he stole the money and his fishing lure collection. They head back home to their owners Mr. and Mrs.Hollinghorst. They were in their garage making fishing lures.
Kito , Chester, and the rest of the pembrook dogs think of a plan to catch the robber. They come up with a plan to put a lure in a store and see who takes it.
Kito and Chester set up a new trap in their garage. The next day they check on it and notice it worked! They followed the footprints left from the paint they spilled. They might have found the culprit.
They went to the place where they thought the robber was at. He was. So he ran to his truck and drove off, but the dogs chased after him.
You will have to read the book to learn more
Cooperation always helps. This is the theme because when all the dogs work together they catch the robber.
I would recamend this book to people who like the genera mystery. It's a book that will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat. I personaly like this book because it is funny and a well written book.
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