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Welcome to English 1010

No description

Joy Sterrantino

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to English 1010

Let's Get Misconceptions Out of the Way CANVAS Main Things to Remember Welcome to English 1010:
Intro to Academic Writing
with Joy Sterrantino "In college, you don't have to go to class as long as you do the work." "If I put in the effort, I will get an A." "I am paying tuition, therefore I am entitled to __________." "I got A's in high school English, so I'll get an A in this class." "Academic writing is just like all the writing I've done in school before. " "If I miss class or an assignment, I'll just talk to the professor and she'll forgive me." "Once I get out of my English classes, I will never use what I learn in this class, because I'm a Chemistry/ Engineering/ Dance/ Etc. major." "I suck at writing. It is not one of my talents. People are either born with this talent, or they are not." "I'm already awesome at English, so there's nothing I can learn from this class." "Since a lot of the class material is on Canvas, it's a waste of my time to come to class." "Joy will get mad at me if I ask a dumb question or need clarification." "Based on all of the above, if I have a real issue or emergency, I'd better keep it to myself!" What is
Academic Writing? An ancient art.
A reasoned argument
A type of professional discourse
A part of a larger conversation
A skill that will serve
you in any career or
relationship. "I don't want to write anything contrary to what Joy believes. That will hurt my grade!" "Grades in English are arbitrary and completely subjective." You need to: Know the rules of the class.
Know when things are due.
Come to class.
Take notes.
Do your in-class work and
Take responsibility for your choices. I will: Teach you as clearly as I can.
Answer questions in class
through email, and
during office hours.
Grade fairly and impartially.
Help you "fish". This is where everything you need to know is, plus some extra stuff just for your benefit!

Please make yourself familiar with everything on CANVAS. You will be responsible for it.
Ignorance of the law is no excuse, as they say.

Use the Daily Schedule, NOT the Calendar, to see what is
going on/due today.

Know what the rules are, so they won't bite you
in the butt later.

I do not give grades. You earn grades;
I write them down.

College is not like high school- you don't have
unlimited chances nor the right to expect an A.

You aren't innately good or bad at English-
anyone can improve.

English can be fun. No, seriously.
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