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The House On Mango Street

No description

wendy muneton

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of The House On Mango Street

By: Wendy Muneton The House On Mango Street Table Of Contents Author's Background
Author's purpose
Works Cited Author's Background Sandra Cisneros
Born in Chicago in 1954
Worked as a teacher to high school dropouts, poet in schools, college recruiter and arts administrator.
Also known for: Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories, My Wicked Wicked Ways and Loose Woman.
Daughter of Mexican father and Mexican American mother
Six brothers
Nobody's mother and nobody's wife Characters Esperanza
12 years old Chicana
experiences a series of awakenings
ignorant about sex and thinks girls and boys live completely in different worlds.
seems completely a child in the beginning
becomes an adolescent and discovers the power she has over men.
lives in patriarchal society
gets sexually assaulted
begins to focus on writing because she wants to become a writer
quits school
discovers shes more detached from her home through her writing. Sally Esperanza's friend
beautiful and cruel
many rumors are spread
she drives boys crazy and then laughs at them
finds safety and comfort in sex
has an abusive father Nenny Esperanza's younger sister
annoying sister
pretty eyes, and shiny straight hair
dreamer just like Esperanza
has her own ideas and is independent
pursues life beyond Mango Street Other characters.... Geraldo
young man from Mexico, who Marin dances with, gets run over by a car, ends up at the hospital and dies ( Marin didn't leave his side)
about 13 or 14, parents send her to live with relatives in Chicago, "boy crazy", bad influence on younger siblings, sneaks cigarettes, dresses seductively, and stares boldly back at boys, likes to dance and has a thing for Geraldo.
Positive influence on Esperanza, kind hearted
college student
lived in the neighborhood for a while, strong determined and ambitious
daughter traditional widowed father( expected to do all the work.)
Esperanza’s mother, grew up in the United States, she seems to influence Esperanza very little, sometimes a source of comfort for Esperanza.
Witch women
tells Esperanza she will have a home in here heart Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Catharsis Theme Influences can affect you in a huge way if you let them
The struggle to find who you truly are to yourself and to society
The lost of innocence Works Cited SparkNotes Editors. “SparkNote on The House on Mango Street.” SparkNotes.com. SparkNotes LLC. 2004. Web. 11 Jan. 2013.

. "Cliff Notes The House on Mango Street." Cliff Notes. N.p.. Web. 15 Jan 2013. <http://www.cliffsnotes.com/Section/id-CLIFFSNOTES2_SEARCH_RESULTS.html?query=the house on mango street>. Quiz 1: What is the meaning of Esperanza’s name?
a. Hope
b. Beauty
c. Love
d. Peace

2: Where does Esperanza get her first job?
a. At a photo developing store
b. At a beauty salon
c. At her aunt’s stationery shop
d. At a restaurant 3: Why does Sally marry?
a. Because she is deeply in love
b. To support her family
c. Because she is pregnant
d. To escape her abusive father 4: Which is the best description of how Esperanza feels about her time living on Mango Street?

a. She detests her experience and never wants anything to do with it again.

b. She wants to escape it, but she knows it will always be a part of her.

c. She has happy and fond memories will always be with her. Setting: A poor latino neighborhood in Chicago
Protagonist: Esperanza
Point of view: 1st person she tells the story
Major conflict: man vs. man ( Esperanza struggles to find who she trully is to her and society and how she fits into her neighborhood and to the world.) Esperanza wants to leave the neighborhood
she sees everything around her everyday
discovers her sexuality and becomes more mature along the way
(sally is highly influential on her) Shes playing at the "Monkey Garden" with some other friends and sally does want to go, she instead decides to stay with some boys.
The boys took Sally's keys away and refused to give them back to her unless she kissed them.
she goes to the carnival with Sally and she decides to wait for her by the red clowns and gets rapped.
Sally does not help her and so she realizes that what Sally had told her wasn't true.
Sex was not as they had described it to her Sally gets married to a guy just like her dad who beats her
Esperanza returns to her real friends or "less" mature friends and discovers the power she has in writing and how its her way or escaping but accepting her neighborhood. She finds out that she doesn't belong to Mango and wants a better life not just for her but for the ones who cannot escape but mean while she will keep writing and one day leave mango. Esperanza is the new girl in the block who just moved in to the House on Mango Street, shes the oldest of her siblings, after her aunt Lupe and her Grandpa die she has to face being sexually assaulted twice she discovers the ability she has to write, but her biggest challenge yet is to find out who she truly is. BRIEF SUMMARY
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