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Writing ; Task, Purpose & Audience

No description

Precious Glover

on 14 October 2016

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Transcript of Writing ; Task, Purpose & Audience

Writing ; Task, Purpose & Audience
Emotions of the audience, trying to persuade audience by appealing to their emotions.

- developed by meaningful words,tone,examples
Good ?'s to ask ;
- Is the thesis clear & specific ?

- Is argument logical ?
Ethos, Pathos & Logos
help persuade the audience.
Ethos ~
Convince audience of author's character.

-created by word choice & style!
Good ?'s to ask ;
- Are vivid examples used?

- Does writer appeal to values & beliefs of reader?
Trying to convince audience by using logic or reason.

- developed by using advanced language & citing facts , etc.
Good ?'s to ask ;
-What are the writers qualifications ?

-Are sources credible ?
Logos, Ethos & Pathos should be balanced with in a text .
Describe ~
Some writings describe something or how to do something.

Ex: instructions to a new phone.
Inform ~
Some writings have purpose to informing you

Ex; Newspapers, biographies
Persuade ~
Purpose of persuasion

Ex; Advertisements
Narrate ~
Purpose of telling story
Entertain ~
Purpose of entertaining

Ex; Comic strips, Fairy tales
Audience Interest ~
Reader more likely to understand what author is trying to say.
Appropriate Language ~
Avoid slang !
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