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Apple Inc.

No description

Noopur Apte

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Apple Inc.

History of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs demoted by new CEO John Sculley The Fall The "1984" Mackintosh Superbowl Advertisement Restoration In 1997 began the restoration of Apple Early Products Apple's first product was the Apple I iPod Macbooks and iMac Other Products Major Competitors “Macintosh” of old times evolved into today’s iMac, a complete all-in-one desktop computer that has very sleek design and large LCD screen. Marketing ITunes : This is a media browser integrated into a web media store. One can play, buy and organize media using iTunes.

iWorks : This office suite contain Keynote, Pages and Numbers that are Presentation, word processing and spreadsheet modules respectively. Very user friendly with high graphic capability, as can be expected from Apple.

Quick-time and other software.
Economics Major Competition Samsung introduced Android based Galaxy Tablets. Famous Apple
Adverts Mac vs. PC campaign Stakeholders Biggest stake holder : The Vanguard Group holding 43,247,824 shares valued more than $19B. The Apple Team Finances Financial Information at the end ofyear 2012
Million US$
Financial Health In FY 2012, reported a revenue $156B – a YOY increase of 45% and cash reserves in excess of $135B.
Sales Apple's new products are making more sales than their older, standard products
Sales Table Company Worth In Sept 2012, Apple reached a record share price of $705 with 936 million shares resulting in a market capitalization of about $660 billion and became the highest nominal market capitalization ever reached by a publicly traded company (surpassing a record set by Microsoft in 1999) Future Plans Environmetal- To become a greener Apple Labour and Workspace Apple would like to become a more responsible employer by improving the workspace environment.
Improve work conditions at outsource vendors and/or Chinese manufacturing facilities.
Future Plans Technology Subsidaries Subsidiaries : Anobit
Founded in 2006
The youngest subsidiary of Apple inc., purchased in January 2012
for a reported price of $390 million
Backward Integration strategy to have better control on the supplies of critical hardware.
Subsidaries Braeburn Capital Think Different. First called 'Apple Computers' when it was founded in Jobs' basement by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak First product released: Apple I on April 1st 1976 After Apple I,II and III, Lisa computer: named after Steve's abandoned daughter "1984" Mackintosh Superbowl advert became more popular than the actual product Steve Jobs leaves apple in 1985 to create NeXT Apple experienced a very huge fall as a company in the late 80s Many computers introduced had to be discontinued within a year. He needed Jobs back. Sculley knew something different needed to be done. By the start of 1997 they were experiencing crippling financial losses. They tried introducing other accessories such as printers and scanners but were unsuccessful Even though the advertisement got tens of thousands of views that day and became very popular, the Mackintosh marked the fall that Apple would experience in the 80s and 90s Apple Inc. Apple Inc: a multinational corporation focused on designing, and producing consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers. This infamous logo is now a common sight in millions of homes all over the world.
One of the best known companies in the world today Apple purchased NeXT bringing Steve Jobs back In September 1997 Steve Jobs regained position as CEO New computer iMac sold 800000 units becoming fastest selling computer in History In 2002, iTunes store launched and sells 1 million songs in 6 days In 2011 Apple has more money to spend than the United states treasury Interesting Facts:
Apple History Steve Jobs died Oct. 5th 2011, Tim cook becomes CEO Steve Wozniak was a tech genius and in 1970s he had illegally made free long distance calls available to the public. He did so by hacking into AT&T’s long distance network. An ironic beginning since AT&T is now one of Apple’s most important business partners. Ronald Wayne, who co-founded Apple, had a short lived (12 day) partnership with the Steves. In 1976 he sold his 10% share for US $2,300. His share would would have been worth US $66 billion today. Most valuable company in history worth $660 billion Apple II was recognized as the best computer ever made at the time and was sold for $1298 The iMac was the first see through computer. The first with CPU and monitor all in one system (launched after Steve's return) Apple Mackintosh failed terribly. by Noopur & Edoardo iPad This portable media player, launched in Nov 2001, revolutionized the way the world listened to music and watched videos on the go. iPod became synonymous to digital media player in a very short time and turned out to be one of the biggest success miles stones for Apple. iPod touch took the media players leaps ahead with the introduction of touch screen convenience and iOS interface iPhone Introduced in June 2007, iPhone integrated the already popular iPod into a smartphone that became one of the worlds largest selling phones in very short time. Initially popular among casual phone and media users, iPhone is very rapidly becoming very popular among corporate networks. launched in April 2010
iPad became one of the most talked about Apple innovation. It took portability of a computing device to a new level.
big contributor to Apple's becoming a corporation having more money that USA government. ...
then came the iPad mini.... Personal Computers : Though Microsoft Windows based PCs have a much larger share of the market Apple has developed a niche market for itself Media players : Though there are several players in the markets, there is none even close enough to be considered as competition to iPod
These include iriver, Samsung, Zen etc. Smartphones : It enjoyed the top spot for phones since the introduction of the iPhone Samsung on the Google Android platform has gained market share over Apple. Tablet Computers : iPad actually created the Tablet market for itself and undisputedly dominated the tablet space Today, Samsung is a very close competition for iPad in the premium Tablets market. iPod "Silhouette" campaign Apple has perhaps the best brand recognition and excellent global marketing strategies Blue ocean strategy : Apple operates in untapped markets, actually created by themselves. Directly challenges competitor PC Advertising: Is very powerful, simple and consistent. Ad campaigns. Value selling : Apple manages to hold the price firmly. A value based pricing structure rather than a cost plus one. 5 top individual share holders are: In FY 2011, reported a revenue $108B – a significant YOY increase of 65% and nearly $82B in cash reserves.
Cash reserve is expected to hit $170B mark by end of FY 2013
They are trendsetters Whatever they bring to the market seems to become the next big thing. Apple I sold 200 units - big success.
iMac sold 800000 units - fastest selling computer
iTunes sold 1 million songs in first 6 days US$ 660
Billion! In reaction to “Greenpeace” observations, Apple would like to become a more environment friendly company
eliminating toxic chemicals
reduce carbon footprint
reduce use of Mercury Future Plans Enhance Siri’s Capability : Apple is expected to change Siri’s capabilities in the future via new database partnerships. Open up Siri to the third-party developers.
It is also expected that apple is working on its own TV set that consumers can’t wait to get their hands on.
There could be a TV-optimised version of Siri introduced.
Subsidaries of Apple Formed in 1998.

Backward Integration strategy to enhance the database applications capability.

Software company engaged in developing and marketing database applications.

Famous products : FileMaker and Bento.

Recently introduced “go” version of the software applications for the iPod, iPhone and iPad devices. FileMaker Inc. Anobit Formed in April 2006
To better manage Apple inc.’s assets 
Optimise state and federal and taxes..
The phenomenal growth of Apple inc, made Braeburn Capital the world’s biggest hedge fund in a matter of 6 years.
Macbook Pro and Macbook Air are more or less laptop versions of the same popularity among those who are prepared to pay a premium for a high spec desktop computer. iMac very popular among graphic and media professionals. Software
Apple TV It is not a TV, but it is a media adaptor that interfaces between any Apple device and a normal TV.
Apple didn’t believe in traditional economics of supply vs demand.
Paradigm shift in the way things were done before. It created demand by inducing “desire“ for the gadgets that didn’t exist before.
Blue Ocean economy situation rather than fighting in the supply vs demand space.
Very Innovative products that keep updating themselves to retain the “desired” position.
"People don't know what they want until you show it to them."
-Steve Jobs
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