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Free Will

No description

jun seri

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Free Will

Determinism Determinism -> reject free will Do critical thinking! We can act freely. Because we have the ability to think. Determinism vs Libertarianism how can we save our 'Free Will'? Libertarianism Libertarianism -> reject determinism I saved Free Will! I accept that 'every event has a cause'. -> Do critical thinking! what is the problem? without free will
we can't blame another person.
we don't need to plan our future. every event has a cause! It's hard to accept as a real! every event in the world follow the cause-and-effect relationship. So, every event is determined by the law of nature. people are special because they can be above the law of nature by their free will. When we deny the cause-and-effect relationship, we would face the randomness problem. We can act freely, when we axiology ethics metaphysics analytical
philosophy what class do I take this semester? for example! The important thing is 'rejection'. through critical thinking! Question for determinist Do you think we don't have Free Will? But! We have a ability to think! event There is two type of event. A -> B A -> B Consciousness Unconsciousness think think X Take this lecture Do not take this lecture The professor
good looking. I want
to improve
my English. It's easy
to get
a good grade. The professor
too boring. I hate English! I don't want
to wake up early. Let's take a look about 'grade' We have the ability to think.

so, we can choose
what to accept and not to accept. Get a
grade! <society> <me> I don't care about grade.
The number is not that important. You will act freely, when you do critical thinking. Thank you for listening my presentation. Let's have a question and answer session.
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