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me in the online age

what the online age means to me

tarek kherbouche

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of me in the online age

At the age of 0-6 years The age of 7-12years At the of 13-18 First ever phone that i used was The closest thing I got to a computer First mobil phone that I owend was at the age of 10 Later on I got this phone when i was 11. First ever computer that I used was in year 5 at the age of 10 This is play station 1 which was the
second game console that I have owned.
I got this at the age of 12. The T69i ericsson was just Eriksson
it was not owned by sonny yet.
I got this at the age of 13. First email address that I got was when I was
14 and in secondary school. I used it to email
friends and email work to myself. This where the computers that we had in school I got this phone on my first year in college. i owned this phone when I was in year 8. I arrived in England at the age of 9.
I never really new about mobile
phones or computers till I got her. Now I have two different email accounts one
from college and the other from when I was
secondary school. I had a MySpace account from the age of 15 to 16. Now I only have a facebook. I have my own laptop keep by my bed. i had my ps2 at the age of 13 First ever game console that I owned And Youtube account
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