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TL Siaw | Portfolio

Portfolio containing my study, job-related and personal (creative) works.

Tien Loong Siaw

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of TL Siaw | Portfolio

Industrial Design

2002 − 2006
Computer Science

Bachelor & Master
2006 − 2012
Job-related work

2012 − 2016

Digital designs
Design of digital camera for teenagers
Futuristic security camera
Mobile phone evolution
Door with built-in cupboards
Toy caterpillar
Luggage cart for hikers (group work)
Technical designs
Design of solar-powered bag
Bachelor Final Project (2005)

Link to Bachelor thesis (Dutch):
Extracting rip currents from shoreline
images using spatial segmentation
(Individual) Research Assignment
GPSI minor (ITC) – January 2009 till March 2009
Algorithm design, implementation & evaluation
ICT tools: Python & wxPython

Short description:
Implement an algorithm to extract rip currents from panoramic shoreline images. Goal is to automate the detection process of rip currents, since this is still being done manually by experts.
HeaDSET, software for aiding brain operations
Design Project (group work)
Bachelor CS – September 2008 till February 2009
Softwaretool design & implementation
ICT tools: Python & wxPython

Short description:
Design and implement a tool to aid brain surgeons to plan, record and play back operations on removing brain tumors. The tool uses 3D visualization of the patient's head.
The effects of presentation and
content related factors on
persuasion in risk communication
Bachelor Paper (Twente Student Conference on IT)
Bachelor CS – February 2009 till June 2009
Scientific literature study

Short description:
Perform a literature study to investigate what influence certain presentation modalities (as numbers, graphs, text and imagery) and content related modalities (as statistical data and narratives) have on persuading people about risks.
Graph Layout
Traineeship (at Novulo, Enschede)
Master CS – August 2010 till November 2010
Algorithm design & implementation
ICT tools: Java & JGraph

Short description:
Design and implement an algorithm to display UML diagrams more user friendly and provide a better overview of the diagrams to the user. Goal is to improve and provide an automatic function to do this, since this function is not performing correcly.
Saturation for LTSmin
Final Project
Master CS – July 2011 till February 2012
Algorithm design, implementation & evaluation
ICT tool: C

Short description:
Adjust and implement a new state space generation algorithm from G. Ciardo for the LTSmin toolset (developed by the FMT research group). The algorithm calculates all the reachable states of a (system) model from an initial state and stores them in a graph-like data structure, called MDD.
From a chaotic to an orderly view
Simple traffic lights model with 6 reachable states and how each state is stored in an MDD (path from root node to T(rue) node)
Poster design contest − Self-Healing Materials
Link to paper (English):
Link to project (English):
Link to Master thesis:
Reachable states of model
Click on the arrows to go forward and backward. For better viewing, use full screen mode.
Bachelor Free Assignment (2004)
L Siaw
My name is Tien Loong Siaw (born in 1984, The Netherlands) and in this portfolio I will present some of my personal, job-related work and work from the studies
Industrial Design
Computer Science
at the University of Twente (The Netherlands).

Given weblinks can be accessed with a mouse click. Some of my work is only available in Dutch (which will be indicated).
Link to pictorial archive of the University of Twente (Dutch):
Futuristic solar-powered fuel cell car (group work)
Personal work

2006 − 2016
Christmas cards
Other cards
Graph Auto Layout Function
Traineeship (at BiZZdesign, Enschede)
September 2012 till November 2012
Algorithm design & implementation
ICT tools: Toolspecific language (in Architect tool)

Short description:
Improve the Auto Layout Function for graphs of the Architect Tool by implementing a post-processing algorithm which structures the graph layout. The algorithm puts the nodes in a grid and then it aligns the edges in a straight way.
From a chaotic to an orderly view
(other approach compared to previous traineeship at Novulo)
Software developer
Full time position (at Inmote, Enschede)
December 2012 till September 2014
Software design, implementation & evaluation
ICT tools: C#, C/C++ and Android (Java)

Short description:
Initially working on individual programming projects (see 1 and 2). Later on, assigned to team project (see 3).
Link to company website:

Drawing and poem (in Dutch) about my dream
Impression of the app on a tablet
Graphical design for saucer
Contest by Simon Lévelt
March 2013

Winner of Hobby category & design on saucer

Short description:
Come up with a graphical design for a saucer of the ONE tea service, owned by Simon Lévelt. My design consists of (circular) lines which seem to be in motion.
Situation how power is (virtually) 'donated' to family Hartman
Idea for mobile app
Contest by Battle of Concepts
August 2013

3rd prize in brainstorm contest

Short description:
Come up with an app for smartphone or tablet in case all appliances are connected with each other and what you can do with it. My idea is the E-Donation App, in which households can 'donate' power to each other when they require it.
Dream for The Netherlands
Appeal by National Committee
Inauguration - May 2013

Publication in Dreambook

Short description:
Come up with a dream for The Netherlands to inspire the new King. My dream is to have a more durable energy supply in the Netherlands, because progress in making it durable takes too long.
Simon Lévelt's ONE tea service
Saucer in the webshop of Simon Lévelt (in Dutch):
Artist impression of design on saucer
Article about Dreambook with my entry (in Dutch):
Summary and results of brainstorm contest (in Dutch):
Design and implement custom-made PC applications handling TomTom web requests (e.g. navigation related data).
Analyze and document software code of a medical hand-held device which records body wounds.
Small extensions and bug fixing in customized Android platform and a security app.
Software developer
Full time position (at BiZZdesign, Enschede)
October 2014 till September 2016
Software design, implementation & evaluation
ICT tools: Toolspecific language & C/C++

Short description:
Improve the Auto Layout Function for diagrams in Enterprise Studio using open source library Graphviz. Furthermore, I work on improving this desktop application.
Link to company website:
Pixel artwork near my desk.
This is a paper
Link to company website:
Junior programmer
Full time position (at Bitwise, Hengelo)
November 2016 till present
Web and mobile development
ICT tools: C# .NET, MVC, MS SQL, HTML and Javascript, Xamarin (multi-platform mobile apps)

Short description:
First experience in web development using C# .NET and MVC. Mainly involved in bug fixing and customer improvements. Also worked on building a web service and a mobile Android app.
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