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shadman sharar

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Joe the Barbarian WHY ? It's simple. I chose this "graphic novel" because
I love comic books. To be even more deep, I chose this comic because it's basically a novel but one that uses graphic aids. Altogether, it gives me a better understanding of the whole story. The more proper name is sequential art. But it doesn't really matter what you call it. It's a story, and one that is in one word UNNERVING. Genre This book is considered a "High Fantasy". It is a sub genre of fantasy where the story or characters are "out of the world". Literally!! This story specially is depicted in a world totally imagined by the protagonist.The main character and his companions go through outrageously dangerous missions to complete their quest and save "his" world. Its just epic. Synopsis Joe Mansion is your average 13 old teenager with type 1 diabetes, a cute pet rat named Jack and a very overprotective mom. All he needs to be alive is a shot an insulin a day and everything is OK. Well, that is until now. With a room full of toys and a knack for drawing, Joe was doing well. Although he never did have any friends. Well, after the losing his chocolate to the school bullies, a very ticked off Joe comes home berating about those punks. Going straight to his room, all of a sudden he starts hyperventilating. And the electricity goes out. Then his toys come to life. And then the hallucinations truly begin. Reality and imagination swap places as it becomes unclear if Joe is trying to save a kingdom or just getting a can of soda. Reasons One of the biggest reasons I think this is a must read is the fact that it is a novel in the form of a comic. This makes the story clear as the reader is able to visualize what is happening in the story sequence by sequence. The story is easier to follow and where in a novel you have to read say 500 pages to finish the story, in the graphic novel version it would only take 200 pages. And you would still know the full story and maybe even understand it better. And another reason The second reason is the fact that it is very visually appealing. The art work is done by Sean Murphy, who is a first class artist and has been in the comic business for quite some time. Once you start reading the book, you would literally be glued to it. Sean gives each panel the perfect impression with his detailed artwork and inking. Here's just a couple of examples: This scene shows Joe going into his room into his room in the attic. It gives a very realistic look and just by looking at the picture, you can infer Joe interests. And here's an action scene. Again, it's very detailed and realistic and show how the battles are exactly happening whereas in a novel it won't be easy to visualize this. And Yet Another Reason This is the part where I tell you how good the storytelling is. The writer of this book, Grant Morrison is a comic book legend. He is a seasoned veteran when it comes to writing comics. And I would say he has displayed his writing ability to his full extent in this writing piece.This book has every element from comedy to thriller attached to it. Though you would find it serious most of the time, it does have some gags. Through most of the story, Joe and his pet rat turned warrior fulfill obstacles and come closer to their journey. Its very suspenseful such as one time when Joe and his rat got separated and he thought that Jack was dead. Main Idea Now the main idea is simple. Joe is very cynical and is only interested in himself. Due to having a disability and his mother not treating him the way he wants, he thinks there's no point in living. He only thinks about himself and doesn't know how to make friends so when people approach him he doesn't know what to do. He thinks everyone is the same, hating him for who he is and he has no self-worth. It tells us to be more self confident and not to judge people on the first pitch. It also tries to tell us that our imagination is boundless and that we should use it often. About the Book Joe the Barbarian is and Eisner Award Nominee, which is the most highly respected award for a comic book. It was also widely popular upon it's release and received critical reception. With the first issue, the comic sold 25,543 units ranking it number 77 in the sales ranking in ALL of USA and UK. Reviewers praised the writing and illustration for the book and said there should be a sequel to the book. A movie for the book is on the way which should be produced by Thunder Roads Pictures. About The Authors Grant Morrison is an acclaimed comic book
writer. He is of Scottish decent and broke into the industry through Marvel UK. Many of his famous works include X-men, Batman JLA, etc. Sean Murphy is a popular artist among young
reader and is a comic book whiz. His notable
works include Teen Titans,Hellblazer, American
Vampire:Survival for the Fittest. THE END by Shadman Sharar The Barbarian
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