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Christian Lifestyles Presentation


Kawika Prietto

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Christian Lifestyles Presentation

Enough Vs Excess We need a Sense of Perspective- a healthy, objective distance- about money and possesions We have to sort out what is enough from excessive Survival Needs- are obvious needs such as Food, shelter, and Clothing Thrival Needs- education, transportation, entertainment, provision for the future. Need VS Wants Discretionary Income- income over and above what will cover necessities that can add benifit to one's life Usual motivators for having more than enough money are Choices, Pleasure, and Power Greed- cannot be satisfied because people who are greedy don't ever think that they are. They think the things they want are what they need A greedy person longs for "soul food" which is nourishment for a starving spirit. Types of Spenders The Compulsive Spender (buyers and shoppers that represent the extreme end of materialism, an addiction to spending The Credit Card Type (plastic "instant money" give the illusion of increasing the buyer's freedome because she or he can purchase items whitout actually haveing the money to buy them) Gambliing (in the back of every gamblers mind is the voice saying the big win is jut one deal away and that the money will take care of everything) Budget Kawika, Tori, Crystal, and Nicole Example Budget Budget of Average Male Young Adult Just Out of College Average Income
(as of 2006) $50,000 a year! Monthly Costs House One Bedroom Microwave Dining Area/Room Cable Ready Window Coverings Dishwasher Disposal Separate Kitchen Washer/Dryer in Unit Air Conditioning $1,250 Food 3 boxes of cereal - $5.97 5 bananas - $2.59 3 apples - $2.69 20 ready-made lunches $69.80 Going out to lunch 10 times - $70.00 20 home-made dinners - $49.80 Going out to dinner 10 times - $70.00 Desert 10 times - $50.00 $320.85 Entertainment Cox Digital Cable - $65.49 Verizon Internet - $19.99 Cell Phone Coverage - $79.99 $165.47 Total Monthly Cost Without Miscellaneous Costs $1,736.32 $44,050 after taxes $3,671 a month Savings Remaining $1934.51 put into savings accounts
and investments.
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