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What is y=mx+c?

Explore the equation of a straight line.

Betsy Macdonald

on 25 June 2011

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Transcript of What is y=mx+c?

What is y=mx+c? Let's start from
the beginning. A Cartesian plane looks like this. The horizontal line is called the x-axis. The vertical line is called the y-axis. (1,3) A line is just a set of points. The values of the coordinates for any point on that line work in the equation y=mx+c. If we don't know the values for the coordinates we call them "x" an "y"! Don't be nervous its just a name! See? (x,y) It is the equation of a line
on a cartesian plane. Confused? A point on a graph is written
as a pair of coordinates. Like this: C is a constant that moves the line up and down. Lines The Cartesian Plane Coordinates On a graph it
looks like this. This line represents the equation y=x+2 This line represents the equation y=x-2 This equation represents the line y=x See how when x=3 y=3? In this case m=1 and c=0 The slope is 1 in this case.He Y-intercept os 0. This line represents the equation y=x+2 It is the same line as the last graph the the "2" moves if up two! Up two! Down two!
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