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Conferencing Types in Libraries

Project for INLS 500 class

Nic Willcox

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Conferencing Types in Libraries

Traditional Conferences Hybrid Conferences Virtual Conferences Survey:

http://tinyurl.com/inls500survey Thank You!
Questions? "What are the advantages and disadvantages of virtual conferences compared to hybrid conferences?"

"What factors need to be present in libraries for a virtual conference to be successful?"
Methodology NO TOUCHY!!! SEND E-MAIL FIRST!!!! Attitudes are important. Useful Applications of Hybrid Conferences students children librarians corporate businesses an event in which the participants meet
face-to-face at a designated location an event in which the participants use technology, such as webcams, to meet without being in the same physical location, but with the ability to see each other and interact an event in which the participants use technology, such as Second Life, to meet without being in the same physical location or able to see each other but with the ability to interact through avatars Limitations Future Research Conferencing
Methods in
Libraries Kristen Dunne
Emily Guhde
Nic Willcox
Sarah Wood-Osorio Literature Review Hybrid conferences have many advantages Many software options
for hybrid conferences saves time and money greater flexibility participants have control international reach limited travel budgets cutting edge of technology Hybrid conferences have some disadvantages technology failure audience distractions self-consciousness networking difficulties so . . . following trends Additional
Outcomes response rate virtual conference
experience conference
format vs. vs. conference
content vs. academic
public attitude of
overall corporate environments educational institutions Modify Survey
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