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Business Ethics

No description

Chris Howley

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Business Ethics

Business Ethics Ethics Defined Thoughts from you: personally, socially or professionally. Ethics is defined as a set of moral principals by which people conduct themselves in any area: PROFESSIONAL CODE OF ETHICS Set of strict guidelines for maintaining ethics in the workplace. i.e professional groups: Regulate their own behavior to be socially, professionally & environmentally safe. Professions that have a strict code of ethics… Legal Responsibility March 26, 1911: Worst US Accident in US industry Types of unethical behavior Sweatshops Then and now UNSAFE CONDITIONS…who will protect you? The Government Can Help OSHA: -Division of Dept of Labor-Sets and enforces work related health and safety rules-Investigates accidents OSHAExamples OSHA INSPECTS WORKSITES ESPCIALLY IF FOUND IN VIOLATION IN THE PAST OSHA INVESTIGAES ACCIDENTS OSHA COMPLAINCE TRAINING SITE What if the environment is involved, not just people?
Government…..HELP! What if the rules are broken? Your thoughts? Individual versus entire companies? Examples? The question to ask yourself… Is it against the law? What if everyone did this? How would you feel if some-one did this to you? How to make the right Choices 1. Identify the Ethical Dilemma
2. Decide who may be affected
3. List probable effects of the alternatives
4. Select the best alternative
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