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Extrinsic & Intrinsic Risk Factors

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on 14 September 2014

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Transcript of Extrinsic & Intrinsic Risk Factors

Environmental Factors
Weather can have a hugh impact on playing conditions. Poor playing surfaces increase the risk of injury. For example

slips and falls from slippery surfaces
falling on uneven ground
cold conditions which make playing surfaces harder and potentially dangerous
hot conditions may cause players to become dehydrated which will increase risk of muscle strains
Extrinsic & Intrinsic Risk Factors
Safety Hazards
Important to be aware of hazards and risks associated with the activities being undertaken
Various H&S considerations must be applied to all activities both before and during participation
Extrinsic Risk Factors
Incorrect technique
Environment factors
Clothing and footwear
Safety hazards
Incorrect technique
Using inappropriate or incorrect technique is an injury risk

Incorrect methods of setting up and lifting and handling equipment will cause risks to those involved
Unit 15: Sports Injuries
Clothing and Footwear
Poor communication and leadership by the coach can pose risks and lead to injuries

Rules are designed by NGB in par to protect players

Non adherence to the rules of the sport will increase the risk for both the player breaking the rules and other players

Group Activity
Not wearing the correct equipment for your sport will create major external risk factors

Wearing the wrong footwear for the activity or playing surface

damaged PPE

too much or little PPE

incorrect PPE for the sport

Safety hazards
Check the environment before the game, remove any dangerous objects, or any slippery or uneven areas. General consideration of potential risks

Sports equipment:
equipment we use as training aids, for protection, and to enhance performance can also act as a potential extrinisic factor. Essential equipment is checked before use by players, coaches and the referee.
Misuse of equipment:
Misuse and abuse of equipment will cause risks for players. Tampering or modifying equipment will make it less useful and often dangerous

First aid provision:
Lack of preparation for potential accidents on the sports field may cause undue risks to athletes. Experiences first aiders and a fully equipped first aid kit should always be available

Safety checklist:
Useful to ensure activities are safe
Safety hazards
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