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The Threat of American Takeover

history slideshow presintation

grey dolsen

on 6 October 2011

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Transcript of The Threat of American Takeover

The Threat of American Takeover In 1861 the
Union states took
up arms againts the Confederates
and commenced what we know as
the american Civil War. This war both
threatend the british
colanies and put
pressure on international
British trade. Even though britain had no involvment in the war itself
it seemed to Favour the Southern states due to the nations
reliance on Cotton and other plantation goods. in 1865 the war ended and the result of the
northern victory was bad news for Brittan. After the Americans had united
under one banner thier attention turned once again to brittan.

Instead of launching a full frontal
push to show displeasure to idea of the british colonies being in thier backyard the Americans set up a series of purchases and strongholds know as Pressure points Brittish North America
had now establised itself into a strong Province
But still no match for a now full American army
but instead of a full frontal invaision
the Americans spread stratigec Strongholds around
the canadian land, these are refferd to as Pressure points. In 1867 The United States
Purchased Alaska from the
Russians the then showed
intrest in the empty plains
of the Canadian Territories. The discovery of Gold in British Colombia
brings Thousands of Americans into the Colony
when the Americans buy Alaska in 1867 British Columbia
is split in half by the Expansion of the U.S Fennian soilders plan an invasion of British North america from the United States.
thier raiding inclded Canada west , Canada east and new Brunswick. Ultimately leading to
the battle at Ridgeway. Americans , Railways
and trade are steadily pressing
on toward the Canadian Border in the Red river Settlement. Tensions with the Britisb run high in civil war america
the northern states is now stopping British ships aimed
for the southern states , the south said that the union had no right to stop
British ships but the North are still angry at Britan for suplying the south with
weponds for the civil war. events at the battle of Ridgeway
-killed nine of the queens own Rifleman(
(canada's first official army)and more than 30 wounded
-on the irish rebublic side (fennians) 6 were killed 20 wounded the Fennians then retreated on stolen horses Funny orcurraces. Private R hines was taken prisoner by a fennian officer
the officer then confiscated his rifle and crumpled the muzzle
then said "it shall never shoot another fennian" then through it to the ground. the gun being fully loaded and powderd hit a rock that
jumped the trigger shooting the officer through the chest and killing him instantly.....talk about Karma. Private Graham of the Queens own riflemen was on the retreat from the battle of ridgeway
when he got his foot caught in the boards directing his head beetween the fence links
Unable to dislodge his head the Fennian line Caught up and fired, but private graham was
left un harmed and scrambled his way back to the fort , when an officer came to relive him of his post he noticed the commrad had more injurys the had from the front line
he then prayed to god his luck would continue. the battle at ridgeway 1866 Sgt. Pellt Queens own riffles Diary entry
killed list battle at ridgeway After the Battle at Ridgeway the Brittish colanies
were in fear of attacks or raids.
Many belived that the Americans had a
Manifest Destiny and was eventualy going to own all
of Northern America. Thus Realating to us by Pushing our Politics out of political yip yap and
into Action. Thank you
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