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SPA Billing Process

A look at the processes undertaken by Sponsored Program Administration involving projects that entail invoicing. Discussion topics include: types of invoices, requirements of department, and finding billing information within Banner.

Tim Foley

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of SPA Billing Process

Grant Billing Process

WSU Invoicing for Grants
2 Types of Invoices:
Grant Billing Invoices
Cost Reimbursement Invoices
Non-Cost Invoices
General A/R
Banner Access
Supports invoice processes as reflected in award document

Provides timely and accurate billing information
May include labor reports and financial status reports, when needed
& Receivables
Allows at least 60 days for the payment of invoices to WSU

Past due notices are issued after 60 days

Formal collection process begins after 120 days
1. Cost Reimbursement - Invoiced using Banner Grant Billing Module
Grant Billing Invoices
Non Cost Invoices
Identifying number =
Grant ID - Invoice Number - Transaction Number (example: 2572P-28-T58)

Two types of cost reimbursement invoices

Standard cost reimbursement invoice - billed amounts generated directly by Banner Grant Billing Module

On demand invoice - billed amounts determined manually and entered into Banner Grant Billing Module
Invoice number assigned by system (example: S0624406)

Fixed price / scheduled payments: Based on contract terms

Performance based / milestones achieved: Based on departmental input

Combination fixed and performance based
General Ledger - FGITBSR
Total amount of unpaid invoices
Grant Billing - FRIBILL
FRIBILL displays a summary of invoice and payment activity
Grant Billing - FRAAREV
FRAAREV displays detailed invoice and payment activity
Grant Billing - FRAGENB
Grant Billing - FRIGITD
FRIGITD displays check and wire payments applied directly to the revenue account
Grant Billing Screens
General A/R - TSAAREV
TSAAREV displays invoice and payment summary information by Agency ID
General A/R - TFADETL
TFADETL displays invoice and payment detail information for an Agency ID
TFADETL - Drill down for invoice text
Click on the 'Text' button to view text as it appears on the invoice

Click 'Return' to go back to the TFADETL screen
General A/R - TSAAREV
Note Index 440840 has two invoices, both of which have been paid. To confirm, go to TFADETL
General A/R - FRIGITD
FRIGITD displays invoiced amounts
Additional Banner screens


General Ledger Screens
Use the horizontal scrollbar to display additional information
To use:

Enter Grant ID
Optional - enter bill invoice number from FRAAREV (to narrow search)
Select Ctrl + PgDn
Select Options / Summary to display invoice summary
Payments removed from revenue account and applied to open invoices
Check payments applied directly to revenue account
2. Non Cost (fixed amount, performance based, etc.) - Invoiced using the General A/R System
General Ledger - FGITBSR
Total amount of unpaid invoices
Detail Code is the key to the General A/R system
Each index/fund receives a unique detail code for invoices
Payments are grouped under detail code 'XPAY'
Each transaction is detailed, 2 per page (Note the invoice number for each bill and invoice paid for each payment
Displays invoice detail similar to TSAAREV; Includes invoice number
Use to search if all that is available is the invoice number
Displays cash application information
Steve Baggett, Associate Director:
Brian Weaver, Accountant III:
Regina Irby, Accountant II:
Shamim Bashar, Accountant I:
Billing/Accounts Receivable
General A/R - FRAGRNT
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