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Evaluation Task 1-

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katie fisch

on 3 April 2017

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Transcript of Evaluation Task 1-

Evaluation Task 1-
Conventions of real media texts - the music video

As Andrew Goodwin explains, there are many conventions that can be conveyed through different camera shots, we varied our camera shots in order to conform to the conventions that are expected to be shown.
Our music video included a range of camera shots such as wide shots to show the bands performance elements and star image, low angle to show who has power, close ups to show emotion throughout the music video, point of view to engage the viewers and many more, here are some examples:

Keith Negus Codes And Conventions
Organic artists:
- develop career initially independently of to the music industry
- tend to write and play most of the instruments on their song
- a 'naturalistic' approach to artists
Andrew Goodwin's codes and conventions for the music video:
- there is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals
- there is a relationship between the music and the visuals
- particular genres have their own video style and iconograpahy
- artists develop their own star iconography in and out of their videos
- there are lots or close ups of the main artist
- there is reference to voyeurism
- there are inter textual references
John Stewart's codes and conventions for music videos:
- music videos have the aesthetics of a TV commercial, with lots of close ups and lighting being used to focus on the stars face
- visual references comes from a range of sources, although the most frequent are cinema, fashion and art photography
- inter textual references are used to create nostalgia and new meanings for the audience
- video allows more access to the performer than a stage performance can. The mise-en-scene in particular is used to emphasize an aspirational lifestyle
The codes and convention of an indie music video:
- low budget
- common setting include e.g. studios which are easily accessible
- simple setting to allow the audience to focus on the artist
- often include a live performance
- embedded narrative into performance to add interest
- editing is fairly basic
What is a convention?
A convention is an expected way where someone can identify what media text or genre something is. In this case, different audience members will expect to see different conventions, this depends on the particular text.
The use of convention often allows a viewer to easily
Narratives are becoming increasingly popular in the rock genre as it helps the audience to connect and understand more with the music video in order for them to relate it to.
Goodwin explains how the narrative includes images that link to the lyrics of the song. Therefore, the performance element will be embedded into the narrative which makes the music video more engaging making the audience want to carry on watching. This will make sure the music video is memorable for the audience in order to watch the music video repeatedly to give a buzz around the band and create anticipation for the upcoming album.
The narrative in a music video includes a range of shots in order to make the video more interesting for the audience so it remains memorable creating further anticipation for the release of the album, such as close ups, point of view, low and high angle. Most of these shots show power in the music video making it more appealing for the audience.
Lip Syncing
Our music video shots are similar to shots in music videos of bands we have compared ours too such as one republic:
When researching music videos we realised that the main focus is on the lead singer, and when necessary, on the back up singers. The heavy focus was portrayed through the close up shots and low angle shots to show who had power throughout the music video, this was done as a result of the husband finding out his wife has been having an affair, so he took control and his anger out on other things. We also had these shots to advertise the band aswell as telling the narrative to show that they are a powerful and strong band Lip syncing can also be the main focus as it could display the possible narrative the audience percieves. For example, in 'Radioactive', there is a deep breathe where we see our main singer stick out his chest to recreate that breathe, the screen then goes black to represent the negative thoughts.
It is usually a good thing if the music video is edited so that it is synchronous and it cuts to the beat of the song, this way, the audience do not become distracted and can follow along smoothly, relating the music to the images on screen.
The editing is also fairly basic in a way that allows the narrative to flow. This is includes quick cuts, reverse shots, scenes and many more in order for the audience to understand the music video properly so they can engage more with it, this helps make the connection stronger between the fans and The Fyres.
We also cut to the beat to make sure the lip syncing was in time. We did this by allowing the actor to listen to the music in the background so the lyrics and timing were exact. This was then matched with the song when putting the music and the clips together to make it feel more natural.
The colour schemes we used are shared with the digipak colour schemes and the colour schemes on the website representing the theme of the band and helping to create a unified marketing campaign ahead of the release of the album. The colours used are grey, white and black showing the darkness and negativity of the rock genre the band is representing.
What does this mean for our artist and music video?
As we have chosen a rock song, we need to conform to these conventions when creating and styling our band and making the music video.
We want to emphasize and highlight the talent the band has, this includes them playing their own instruments which is included in the music video through close up shots and wide shots of the whole band, this shows their fans how they are organic and unique which would attract more people to like them as they are different to many of the manufactured bands that dominate the contemporary music industry
We also chose actors for the narrative element of our music video as this helps make the narrative more convincing and realistic. The combination of the band in performance and the narrative which reflects the songs lyrics was included to make the music video appeal to a broader audience which would include existing fans of the band but also invite new fans who felt engaged with the story being told.
The look we give to our band is also important as we want them to look like an appropriate fit for their music style and genre.
Furthermore, when choosing the setting and locations for the music video, we want it to be quite simple as we want the audience to understand that the band focuses more on their music and not the glamour and complex lifestyle such as bands that are created through record companies, for example, One Direction.
In our music video, we wanted to conform to the stereotypical rock image of a band so we paid careful attention to elements of mise-en-scene particularly the
. Firstly, the band all wore their own clothes as we want them to feel comfortable, this shows the audience that their image is true to who the band members are and they feel the music is more important - credibility for audiences is even more important today in an era where music has become dominated by manufactured artists fresh from reality tv music shows such as X Factor and The Voice.
Wearing their own clothes, this shows the band as being organic and not one who has been styled by a record company like a uniform which has been set for them. However, we wanted to maintain the rock image so naturally, they wore clothes such as denim, leather jackets, jeans, white t-shirt etc. Similar bands in the sense of dress code are The Script.
We chose quite simple locations for our music video such as a house, an open field, and a studio setting. We used a house to show the familys' life style and everyday living like an ideal image. We used an open field to show the angry husband after he has just found out his wife has been having an affair. He walks outside to represent the freedom he has just been set . We used a studio setting to portray the bands authenticity, by doing a live performance, this helps connect the audience with the band more as they are breaking the fourth wall. It also shows how they play their own instruments and how their wardrobe is their own and not too glamourous, showing they are organic. We chose these settings to conform to the conventions of other pop rock music videos, for example,
We used a few props throughout the music video in order to show the narrative more clearly. We used some pictures in which the angry husband is holding and throwing into a fire. We can tell they are pictures of the family as he has just been notified of the affair. This shows that he was a family man as it is a prop any normal close family would own in their home to show their closeness. We also used leaves in the studio setting to show the earthy and organic atmopshere the band is trying to reflect to their audience.
An example of another band which have also used these props to show unity of a family is Nickleback - Photograph.
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