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Addictions Counselor

No description

Charles Herndon

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Addictions Counselor

Addictions Counselor
Addictions Counselor
What is an Addictions Counselor?
Addictions counselors help people overcome alcohol, drug, gambling, and other addictions.
Meet with clients to assess the extent of their addictions
Develop treatment plans or refer clients to recovery programs
Counsel, support, and encourage clients through the recovery process
Monitor clients’ progress and write reports
Educate the public on addiction prevention
Educational Requirements
There is no one way to get into the field of addictions counseling. However, to increase your chances of getting a job in this field (and to earn higher wages), you should have formal training in addictions counseling. Bachelor’s, master’s, and associate degree programs in this area are offered at a number of colleges. Shorter certificate programs are also available; students who enroll in these programs often already have a bachelor’s degree in a related area, such as psychology or social work.
Skills Needed
Understanding and empathetic
Communication and listening skills
Good with people
Tatum Pecora
Mr. Herndon
Career Portals: Final Exam

Salary Range
Level of Experience Hourly Annual
Entry Wage $13.83 $28,770
Median Wage $16.83 $35,010
Experienced Wage $20.63 $42,910
Sample Job Application
* Could not find one
for addictions counseling
Chronological Resume
Dress for Success
Interview Apparel
Every-day Apparel
(Sorry for picture quality)
Personality Traits
Success Story
When I was in the 7th grade, I became interested in acting. This interest carried on into the 8th grade, and that was when I first auditioned for a play. 7th grade year I was in one, but I didn’t audition, so I was an alternate for one of the lead actors. So in my 8th grade year I auditioned for the lead, knowing it was a big thing to consider, but I loved acting so much I just had to try. So come a week later after the audition, I was told I had gotten the lead, the part I wanted originally. I was so excited, I was determined to read the entire script, and I did. About a month went by of constant practicing, then come the day of competition everyone gave it their all. Judging came, then a man announced the awards. I had gotten best actress, and I remember I was so excited to receive the award. Now with my experience, I hope to win the same title next year, and then on.
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