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sara nouravar

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of sara

Glossary: My major was architecture in high school. So, I chose it because I have knowledge about buildings and I have experiences in these areas! Also the salary is high. History? Achievements Name:
Civil & Environmental Engineering Why Civil & Environmental Engineering? My resume: 33Pol in IRan-Isfahan
"The 33 Pol, or the Bridge or the Bridge of 33 Arches, also called the Allah Verdi Khan Bridge, is one of the eleven bridges of Isfahan, Iran" This bridge is made of bricks and stones "The bridge itself is 295 meters long and 13.75 meters wide."
"It is highly ranked as being one of the most famous examples of Safavid bridge designs." "Typical of the bridges of Isfahan, 33 Pol was designed as a social and contemplative space and not just a transportation structure." "There is a famous tea-house amongst them which is accessible from the southern bank. The southern side of the bridge, where the waters of the Zayandeh run more swiftly has supplementary arches, and it is this that makes them suitable as a tea house." "Civil engineering is the oldest of the main disciplines of engineering. The first engineering school, the National School of Bridges and Highways in France, was opened in 1747. John Smeaton was the first person to actually call himself a "Civil Engineer". These civil engineers built all types of structures, designed water-supply and sewer systems, designed railroads and highways, and planned cities. In 1828 the world's first engineering society came into being, the Institution of Civil Engineers in England." example: "With simple tools and mathematics he created a monument that stands to this day. His greatest contribution to engineering was his discovery of the art of building with shaped stones. Those who followed him carried engineering to remarkable heights using skill and imagination. Vitruvius' De archiectura was published 1AD in Rome and survived to give us a look at engineering education in ancient times" "Engineering is one of the oldest professions in the world. Around 2550 BC, Imhotep, the first documented engineer, built a famous stepped pyramid of King Zoser located at Saqqarah" built in1602 Future of civil engineering: "Civil engineering leaders gathered in June 2006 to articulate a global vision for civil engineering" "Summit participants see a very different world for civil engineers
in 2025" "An ever-increasing global population that continues
to shift to urban areas will require widespread adoption of sustainability. Demands for energy, drinking water, clean air, safe waste disposal, and transportation will drive environmental protection and infrastructure development" "Society will face increased threats from natural events, accidents, and perhaps other causes such as terrorism." "Dealing with the preceding problems and opportunities will require intra-disciplinary, cross-disciplinary, and multidisciplinary collaboration on projects and in research and development. More advances in areas such as information technology, intelligent infrastructure, and digital simulation will be needed." "In 2025, civil engineers will serve as master builders, environmental stewards, innovators and integrators, managers of risk and uncertainty, and leaders in shaping public policy" "The engineering community, especially the civil engineering community, is global
and, as such, should share a common vision and work together to achieve it." Status of civil engineering: "Civil engineers are rightfully proud of their legacy. During the past century, clean water supplies have extended general life
expectancies. Transportation systems serve as an economic and social engine. New bridges, blending strength and beauty, speed transport and bring communities closer together." "From the functional and beautiful Golden Gate Bridge in the United States, Petronas Towers in Malaysia, and Pont du Gard in France to the largely hidden water supply and sanitary sewer systems, civil engineers have made their mark in many aspects of the daily life of essentially everyone around the globe." "Technology and market forces place additional pressures on how civil engineers play out their roles. Knowledge-based civil engineering software increasingly shifts routine engineering tasks from the realm of the engineer to that of the technologist and technician" Sara Nouravar
3/19 Vincent Street, INDOOROOPILLY 4068
Mobile: 0403029866
Email:sara@nouravar.com Experience:
Jun 2012 - Jul 2012
Tania Modelling Tabriz - Iran
Fashion Model
•Fashion modeling
•Bridal modeling

Jun 2012 - Sep 2012
Nasim Beauty Salon Tabriz - Iran
Store assistant / Manicurist
•Cash handling•Manicure
•Eyebrow Threading
•Makeup assistant
•Make appointments for clients
•Nail design Education:
2012 – Current University Foundation: QUTIC Brisbane-Australia
• Academic English
• Physical Science
• Computing
• Mathematics B1
•Foundation English

Completed in 2012 High School: Ostad Saba Tabriz – Iran
• High Grades • AutoCAD
• Top Student • Planning
• Architecture • Scale modelling


•Basketball •Volleyball
•Traveling •Reading Skill Summary:

• Team-Player with excellent communication skills
• Quick learner
• Flexible
• Reliable
• Dependable
• Hard-worker
• Motivated self-starter with a strong desire to learn
• Advanced computer skills Referees:

Kevin Tabrizi
Managing Director
Tabrizi Property Group Pty Ltd
Ph: 0403344699
Email: ktabrizi@tpg.com.au

Ms Marlyn McKennariey
Program Educator
Queensland University of Technology
Email: mj.mckennariey@qut.edu.au Where could I work? I would love to start working in a company in Australia after graduation and ultimately to own my own Engineering business one day. Faculty Home Page: http://www.qut.edu.au/study/international-courses/bachelor-of-engineering/bachelor-of-engineering-civil-and-environmental Faculty Courses: http://www.qut.edu.au/study/courses/bachelor-of-engineering/bachelor-of-engineering-civil-and-environmental YouTube Links:
(History of Engineering,N.D) (Historical Iranian sites and people,2009) Air shaft:A straight, typically vertical passage admitting air into a mine, tunnel, or building. Bridge: A structure spanning and providing passage over a gap or barrier, such as a river or roadway. Digger:A tool or machine used for digging or excavating. Domestic: Local. Highway:A main road, esp. one connecting major towns or cities. Pump car:A handcar (also known as a pump trolley, pump car, jigger, Kalamazoo, or draisine (powered or unpowered). Sewage:Liquid and solid waste carried off in sewers or drains. Skyscrapers: High buildings. Structure:Building or construction. Tower crane:A crane is a lifting machine, generally equipped with a winder. Water supply:The source and delivery system of such water. Water supply:The source and delivery system of such water. (The VISION For Civil Engineering in
2025,2006) (The VISION For Civil Engineering in
2025,2006) Historical Iranian sites and people. (2009).Retrieved from: http://historicaliran.blogspot.com.au/2009/11/33-pol.html History of Engineering . (n.d).Retrieved From: http://whatiscivilengineering.csce.ca/history_engineering.htm The VISION For Civil Engineering in 2025.(2006).Retrieved from : http://www.asce.org/uploadedFiles/Vision_2025_-_New/TheVisionforCivilEngineeringin2025_ASCE.pdf Youtube.com Reference list: Civil & Environmental Engineering "Water Building resort will become the world’s first building to ever convert air into water with the help of solar power" "This would help future buildings to come to terms with water shortage and magically create water from thin air" (Water Building Resort Converts Air into Water,2012) Water Building Resort Converts Air into Water.(2012).Retrieved from:http://trendsupdates.com/water-building-resort-converts-air-into-water/ Welcome to my Prezi Milad tower
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