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Bradley Bush

No description

maryann carroll

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Bradley Bush

Other usual materials, such as most rocks and minerals, have a lot of resistance. They can hardly be made to conduct electricity. These are materials and human-made substances such as glass and plastic.
Rubber, Glass, plastic, dry wood and dry air are think for electric not to go through. Insulators are important for electrical protection.
Objects differ in their ability to carry electric current. Electricity moves throw conductors without difficulty. A conductor is metal, usually copper. Liquids can have electric currents.
All substance are made of tiny particles called atoms. Each atom has smaller particles in them . And that’s what powers electricity.
Bradley Bush
Metal allows electrics to move through it. This means it gives little resistance to its flow.
When water is in the clouds and when it turns in to ice the friction of the ice make lightning bolts.

What Is Eclectically

What Can Electricity Move Through
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