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Cairn Terriers

No description

Rachel Wilson

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Cairn Terriers

'Little Ricky', a character in the hit television show, 'I Love Lucy' had a Cairn Terrier called Fred.
Toto from the wizard of
Oz was actually a grey
brindle Cairn Terrier.
She was actually a female named Terry.
Cairn Terrier Wall Of Fame
I love Cairn terriers as they are lively, intelligent, independent and very obedient dogs. They are affectionate, friendly, very loyal and are also, very sociable.
Average Weight – 13 - 14 pounds
Average Height – 9-10 inches
Origin - Scotland

Cairn Terriers have a good, healthy life span and thankfully have very few health problems. They live on average to, approximately, 12-17 years old.
Daisy's 'Race For Life' outfit
If the owner of a Cairn Terrier does not teach the dog dominance and discipline consequence, the Cairn will take over and will be led to believe that it is the 'Pack Leader'.
The Cairn needs a lot of walking to rid all of the energy it has. Two forty five minute walks per day is plenty for a little Cairn.
They get along very well with other animals - except cats and are curious but very sociable towards other dogs.
They are avid chewers and diggers so they need plenty of activities to keep them busy and out of trouble! Do not leave them in your prize winning garden!
Their coats are easy to care for; a weekly brushing and a strip once a year is all they need.
General Facts
Outfits For Occasions
Cairn Terriers were developed centuries ago in the Scottish highlands.
They are named after piles of stones our ancestors used as memorials and landmarks called Cairns. The Cairn Terrier was small enough to get into the cracks and crevices of the stones to rid them of rodent pests. Such as rats and mice.

Just like most other Terriers the Cairn is intelligent but extremely strong willed.
About The Breed
The Cairn Terrier is one of the oldest dogs in Scotland and, in fact, one of the earliest working dogs.
The Cairn was founded by Captain Martin Macleod of Drynock. Today Cairn Terriers are a well-loved family pet.

Daisy tried the agility course in the 'Bark In The Park' dog show for second chance kennels. Her Father was a Crufts’ champion. This is a contest that all pedigree dogs can enter that have an outstanding skill or appearance. Only those who are likely to win a rosette are recommended to attend.
Cairns are easily trained. My dogs were an excellent example. They understand: sit, down, rollover, wait, paw and come. Even though Cairns are a small breed, they are very good guard dogs.
I hope you enjoyed my talk.
Thank You For Listening
When the Cairn is a puppy you cannot possibly tell which colour your puppy will turn out to be as it may change as the dog ages.
It is not unusual for a Cairn to become more black or silver when it becomes an adult, making the colour of your fully grown Cairn unpredictable.
Cairn Terriers can be either
wheaten, red, red brindle
or grey brindle.
By Rachel Wilson
Cairn Terriers
Why I Have Chosen Cairn Terriers As My Personal Talk...
Simon Cowell
has a pet Cairn
Terrier called Buster.
The Cairn’s muzzle is usually
darker than the rest of the face.
Bob And Vic
Rosie's Harley Davidson Hat
Daisy's Rudolf Outfit
Do you have any questions?
I have got two of my own named Daisy who is wheaten and Rosie who is grey brindle. Daisy is four years old and Rosie is only two.
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