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Penelope Barker

No description

Kayla w

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Penelope Barker

Penelope Barker

Penelope Barkers' Life-
Barker was married to 3 men and forced to assume heavy burdens to care for 9 children. 3 of which were not hers.
Was named the richest woman of North Carolina when her Third husband, James Craven, died.
Penelope went threw hardships when she married Thomas Barker. The Barkers whom had bore three children, none had lived pass the age of 1.

What is Mrs.Barker famous for?
Penelope Barker was born as a revolutionary patriot.
Barker was the president of the Edenton Tea Party which was held in the year of 1774.
Barker was one of fifty-one women who went against British taxes and clothes.
Penelope Barker
Barker was born on June 17,1728 in Edenton, Chowan County,North Carolina.
Parents were Samuel P., a physician and planter. Elizabeth Blount, the daughter of a political leader named James Blount.

Occurred on October 25,1774. At Lady Elizabeth Kings house.
When 51 women from the town of Edenton resolved to drink tea or wear any cloth until British taxes were replaced.
Edenton Tea Party
Primary Sources 1 & 2 of 4-
“We, the aforesaid Ladys will not promote ye wear of any manufacturer from England until such time that all acts which tend to enslave our Native country shall be repealed."-Penelope Barker
"We the Lady's of Edenton, do hereby solemnly engage not to conform to ye pernicious Custom of Drinking Tea, or that we, the aforesaid Lady's, will not promote ye wear of any manufacture from England, until such time that all Acts which tend to enslave this our Native Country shall be repealed."
Primary Sources 3&4 0f 4

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