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The best company to work

Ines Almeida

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Apple


Apple is an American multinational corporation that works with electronic devices and computers. Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak Gary, in the garage of the Steve Jobs father.
Was founded
April 1, in 1976

Apple Computer

Was incorporated
January 3, in 1977 In 2011 Steve Jobs died leaving Apple to Tim Cook. Since May 2001 Apple has opened 395 stores 250 USA 26 Canada 35 UK 17 Australia 7 China 7 Japan 15 France 10 Spain 3 Switzerland Apple offers a diversity of products and services Such as: iPhone - Apple smartphone iPod - portable audio players and digital video Itunes - Program designed to play and organize music files and digital video Mac - Macintosh - Apple's trademark for their computers iPad - Apple tablet Apple Values what they do how they do. Empathy for customers and users Commitment Innovation / Creativity Team spirit Quality Satisfaction Continuous development Recognition Sustainability Rewards and Benefits to employees Apple 25% discount on Apple products for all company employees;

Rewards and benefits for their workers; Send of letters of encouragement
to all company employees;

Bedroom and Dining Room for

Apple requires that suppliers
provide a workplace safe and
healthy. = Employee assistance programs;

Concern with Appropriate hours of work;

Apple look for ideas and creative solutions for all employees, regardless of their function. Uses environmentally friendly materials; Apple prohibits practices that violate the rights of workers, even if local legislation permit those practices;

Prevents discrimination;

Prevention of involuntary job and Human Trafficking;

Prevention of Child Labour; Profits in 2012 $ +50 billion dollars 60 percent
International sales Apple the company with the best reputation in the world Financial performance

Products and services


Leadership and quality of work environment. Why ? Because Resources https://www.apple.com/jobs/pt/


http://sousocialmedia.wordpress.com/2011/07/19/lucros-da-apple-nos-ultimos-meses/ 12 Italy 3 Switzerland and 514.000.000 million of employees + =
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