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Copia: Writing assignments in courses across the curriculum

A brainstorming session about creating possible writing assignments for the academic writing course

Roger Graves

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Copia: Writing assignments in courses across the curriculum

Assignments that would create rhetorical situations for students in courses that are
1. Writing studies focused or
2. Theme-focused. Copia: Writing Assignments identify and use techniques of argument and persuasion analyze ads as analogy to texts
rhetorical analysis of target texts
analysis of persuasion in different contexts

summarize and paraphrase the arguments of other writers Annotated bibliographies
Summary response
analyze and critique published arguments Critiques
Review paper
Critical reflection on clinical placement
Working sources into paragraphs (exercise) write argumentative essays and a research paper Specify the genre
Specify the intellectual task
Essay: Reflective? Analytical? Review? analyze writing and writing situations,
critically think about writing, and develop and present ideas in essays Desiderius Erasmus's De duplici copia verborum ac rerum, "On the twofold abundance of expressions and ideas." serve you in any academic discipline Working thesis statements http://www.wac.arts.ualberta.ca/Resources/HowToDevelopATopicIntoAThesis.aspx Questions Working thesis Genres: open it up “In the Mississippi Alluvial Valley where much previous research has emphasized whole-valley evolution, detailed analysis of a study area can be evaluated within a regional geologic framework. This approach provides control and depth to the interpretations made on a local scale. In turn more detailed local data helps refine broader understanding of valley evolution” (60).
Rains, Daniel S. “Origin of Quaternary deposits west of Marianna Gap, Mississippi Alluvial Valley, Eastern Arkansas.” M.Sc. University of Arkansas, 2010. Cumulative Argument in Geology Rationale Purpose
of paper Gap in
knowledge “The Gayna River Zn-Pb deposit . . . is located 80 km west of the proposed Mackenzie Valley pipeline route. If this pipeline project is completed it could supply access and power to any future mine development at Gayna River . . ..
“The Gayna River deposit is potentially one of the world’s largest undeveloped carbonate hosted Zn-Pb deposits. . ..
“Despite the importance of the deposit, there have been few studies carried out on the Zn-Pb mineralization at Gayna River. . ..
“This study was undertaken to delineate the nature of mineralization and the origin of the mineralizing fluids at Gayna River with an ultimate goal of determining the main controls on mineralization.” (p. 12)
S. Wallace, The Genesis of the Gayna River Carbonate-Hosted Zn-Pb Deposit, MSc, U of A, Fall 2000. Summary: No critique, just add on this implies the genre
is up for grabs Note: maintain confidentiality and professionalism—what does this mean?
Ron Urqhart (not his real name), a 65 five year old prostate cancer patient, agreed to answer questions about his experience as a patient during his recent operation. . . Summarize the interview Turner B, Drudge-Coates L (2012). Management of patients with metastatic prostate cancer. Nursing Standard.
Turner and Drudge-Coates (2012) describe the role for nurses in the diagnosis and management of metastatic prostate cancer. They outline the ways a multidisciplinary approach to nursing care provides for better patient experiences. While this article focuses on the pharmacological approaches to disease management that reduce testosterone levels, they also discuss the nursing implications of other treatment methods such as radioisotopes and surgery. They conclude that nurses are well-placed to offer psychological support, administer hormone therapies, and manage side effects of hormone therapy and note that the role of nurses varies depending on where the patient is in the progress of their disease. Summarize the article Psychological support
“The patient may have concerns about medications, the future and death. It is important that the nurse allows the patient to discuss any fears or concerns and offers reassurance. In addition, the patient may
be anxious about the effects of disease on sexuality and body image” Turner and Drudge-Coates (2012). Identify one intervention Highly structured:
Search and Selection
Application to Clinical
Appendices Nursing 494: The essay 3 pages Introduction and Context: importance of the problem; strong statement of aim [thesis] 
Background: elaborate on the research area; give preliminary results (describe what has been done)
Research Plan: Rationale; General objective Specific aim 1 (elaborated); Specific aim 2;
References: List all references you have cited in your text (page 4) Chem 419/519: Research proposal Introduction
Review of Literature and Industrial Context
Relevant Economic Theory
Econometric Model
Data Sources and Summary Statistics
Econometric Results and Discussion
Tables and Figures Econ 999: Structure of paper
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