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Spotify Cover Letter

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Transcript of Spotify Cover Letter

"Light My Fire"
"Let it Be"
"Heart Of Gold"
I have been a part of building ship cranes worth millions, I have made over a thousand pizzas and delivered them, I have hosted my own radio show, I have been a freelancer, I have wiped vomit from the floor at the student pub for free, I have issued hundreds of driver licenses, I have designed Kristopher Schaus latest LP, and I’ve hosted a mini-festival called ”Skallebank 2014”, and the last six months or so, I have done most of the back office for a magazine called Metal Hammer Norway. I had barely any idea about all of these things before I started, but I learned it all by doing. And I'm now awesome at it.
"Sympathy For The Devil"
Hi! I'm writing this as I am a young (soon to be) bachelor degree student from a little town called Vennesla, 2 miles north of Kristiansand. Currently I’m writing my bachelor thesis in Music Production on Norwegians listening habits and the development of popular music, at Hedmark University College, Rena.

Please allow me to introduce myself

I am a man of skills and tricks

I've been around for 22 long years

Stole nothing else than a bubble gum

I know that it wouldn't be untrue

I know that I wouldn't be a liar

If I was to say to you

Spotify, we could get much higher
Besides writing my thesis, I am also working as an intern at an Oslo-based booking bureau, but my future here is unstable due to capacity. But then I saw this job opening, and I know this is what I want to do! This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about a new side of the music business, and to be a part of a business in extreme growth. Therefore I’m very interested in the position as Music Editor/Playlist Curator at Spotify.
When I find myself in times of trouble

Creativity comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom

let it be..me
As I read the position description, this seemed like a job where I can evolve as a youngster in the music business. I can challenge myself into thinking in new ways, see things with new eyes, and find solutions as they occur. I am obviously what they call “a thinker”. And I love to solve problems, especially as a team. Being able to discuss ideas with others is by far the most effective way to make ideas great instead of just good.
I want to work,

I want to give

I've been a miner

for a steady job.
Three years at H.U.C has learned me a lot. Besides making music, I’ve learned about the music business, marketing and how to think in terms of segmenting, and user behaviour. I’ve also learned about music law, and understanding music culture, which is what I found the most interesting, interestingly enough.

You can see me in the morning when I go to school

I never forget my books, I know I've got to learn the music business,

Teacher never tells me to stop, I want to get on with my work

And be like Glenn - too-good, well I know I never quit

- I'm coming along!

If you want a hardworking, ambitious, and a nice guy, you should definitively hire me. I am a swift learner, and I know that if you give me the chance to learn, and invest some time, I will turn out to be a great asset to the Spotify team!
The Rolling Stones
The Doors
The Beatles
Neil Young

Glenn Lennart Tambini Finnestad
Vålerenggata 19
0657 Oslo

416 56 489
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