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Minimus Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of Minimus 1

Andrea Dignon

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Minimus Chapter 4

3rd Slide What verb do we see here? 2nd Slide 4th Slide What is happening here?
What verb do we see here? Take a look at our
1st picture Last Slide: Remember that Corinthus is an educated servant and is in charge of teaching the children. A Writing Lesson What to do now? The Best Days of Your Life MINIMUS CHAPTER 4! Flavia improba est! What does Flavia tell Corinthus? Let's take a moment to pick out all
the verbs we see!
Write these verbs in your journal now - Label them "Chapter 4 Picture Story Verbs" In this slide, we see a new verb: DOCERE What does Docere mean? 5th Slide OOOH! Corinthus is happy/upset? By the way, you're NOT allowed to say this to Mrs. Dignon! :-) Take a look at the endings: Who is doing what? How can you tell? Now take a moment to identify the adjectives!
Identify which are masculine and feminine. Write down the quizlet web address in your journal NOW! http://quizlet.com/19716825/learn/
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