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African (Ghanaian) Music Presentation

Scott Fryer

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Akwaaba

"Rhythm" in African music is like "melody" in Western Music. African music in Ghana, West Africa, and the rhythm of traditional song and dance. Akwaaba! 1) Outside perspective

2) Songs/Song Games

3) Instruments What's on the agenda? Ghanaian Songs Baa baa baa baa Shie baa ba oo
O Shie baa baa (2x)
O Shie baaba
O Shie baaba (3x) Kpanlogo call and response song Rough translation:
*humble yourself
*if you humble yourself, you will get
what you want out of life. Dzeemi, Dzeemi
Anyemi dzeemi Shie namo mo
Kokolo, O daa Kokolo (2x)
Sumo nyemi ee aa ee (4x)
aa-o Kokolo, O daa Kokolo Kpanlogo call and response song Rough Translation:
*Dzeemi = a name/person who
speaks for the community
*"If it's not me, who is going to talk
about it...If I am not going to lead, who will lead?"
*Kokolo means 'he talks a lot'. Laa i lala oo
Salama le kum
i lala oo Kpanlogo call and response song
(also Muslim call to prayer) Rough translation:
*This is a Muslim call to prayer
(an example of how kpanlogo borrows from other cultures and religions - shows unity)
*"Peace belongs to you"
*If someone comes to your house, you say this to welcome them Everybody, everybody
bring your calabash, bring your calabash
Mo fia mo ke kyene aba
Woya woya nu kooko Kpanlogo song Rough translation:
*When you go to school, you need
*Bring your calabash to get kooko
*"Everybody bring your calabash"
*"We are going to bring kooko" A B C D
Woya dzo kpanlogo (2x)
kpanlogo, logo, logo, logo,
ligi, Maawo, Maawo (4x) Kpanlogo song Rough translation:
*In school, you're learning the alphabet and the bell rings at 'P'. We go out to play kpanlogo and dance. Go to video #1 (Kpanlogo songs) song games! Call: Bantama kaakro
Response: Meye den na ma nya bi ma di
Call: me ni sika
Response: Meye den na ma nya bi ma di
Call: Kaakro kaakro
Response: Meye den na ma nya bi ma di
Call: Mi ni sika
Response: Meye den na ma nya bi ma di bantama nura ma Call: Nura Ma Viiko Viir
Response: Viikon Kooliko
Call: Ole Maa Viire na waar
Response: Viikon Kooliko pinpinaa! Leader:Pinpinaa!
Group: Nana! (2x)

Si si si
Si nana koo
bonkuto bonkuto bonkuto
Hey mamee
Hey papae-e
A bon bon fire
ye wo nan berko
nan ka berko
mi daa wa se
Ohene bra. Go to video #2 (Stone passing Game) Go to video #3 (Pinpinaa! game) Gyil Atentenben Go to video #4 (Atentenben) Dalari Aslatua Seprewa Axaste Luna Drum the end Go to video #8 (Seprewa)
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