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Copy of Copy of Zombie Contingency Plan

We receive a text message in class, notifying a class three out-break. We only have fifteen minutes, here's our plan...

Doug Thompson

on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Zombie Contingency Plan

We only have 15 minutes...
Short Cut.
Short Cut.
1. Just like any other day of the week we had been sitting in Mr. Thompson’s class, then around ten o’clock a.m Darrin and I had received a text message. It was in regards to a class three outbreak, meaning a huge force of zombies are about to trample through Georgetown in about fifteen minutes. With no hesitation we had ran out of class not worrying about the other members in the room, all hell was about to break loose. Fortunately our zombie survival kits were located in our lockers that would supply us with temporary needs, until we can find other resources. Also Darrin had left his work shirt in his locker since he works so frequently, which will help us later on in our plan. We had booked it left too the stairs going to the main office, proceeding to the hall behind the guidance office, then around the gym to make the tech hall our first stop. After we grabbed our kits we knew from that moment what we had to do, but we were not fully expecting what was about to happen.
2. The welding room down the hall was our destination from their; this room supplied us with our tricycle that we had been working on for a need of transportation. Conveniently it helped us because it is a much smaller vehicle making fast transportation. Darrin Grabbed two hammers at the point for short-term weapons, so I took a large adjustable wrench. This was plenty for now, Darrin started up the bike as I opened the back door so he could immediately rip off the property to his next destination. I on the other hand started up my car parked behind the welding door because it’s my first period class heading home to grab our weapons cavalry.
3. A. The Chevy Malibu I drive was nothing special but it could get me home in just enough time, considering the speed limits would soon no longer apply. As I had approached the end of the parking aisle, now looking back I should have known but the exit was already starting to line up. Thinking quickly I had turned to the right heading for the back lot entry, I knew no one would be entering this soon to be zombie zone.
4. I creped the corner to see if maybe someone was about to turn at the same time, I wasn’t about to make my car useless by getting into a crash. The only sight I saw at the time were a couple of students leaving the school, for all I know they could have been skipping class in complete ignorance to what was about to happen. Pedal to the medal I drove behind the wood shop room, continuing onto Guelph St as it was in clear sight. I then threw my right signal on as I approached the exit when all the sudden a mini van cut in front of me, probably someone’s parent to pick him or her up as if they found out as well. I had to then swerve to the right driving over the piece of sidewalk separating the front lot and the back entrance. The mini van and I had a quick exchange of words but I wasn’t stopping for much time was not on our side.
5. Finally I was able to turn right onto Guelph street heading up towards town, I wasn’t paying much attention to the others surrounding me so it was a little dangerous but I was mostly relying on my adrenaline to get me through it. Proceeding on forward to the intersection of Moutainview Rd where I had to make a right turn. Since it was a right turn I could turn on red or green light, lucky it was a green other wise I would have cut through the angles diner parking lot to avoid the block up.
6.Moutainview is a long road with many lights but, I managed to quickly avoid the few red lights I came across. In front of the mall was green, the next one on Sinclair was not, but I was able to stay in the right lane so I could run it since you can only turn left coming from Sinclair. At the time, I kept getting more and more hyped up giving me the thought nothing could stop me from what I’m about to do. The next intersection at Delrex Blvd was the one I was worried about, but since Sinclair was red it change right after I had left, and the one thing about that road I had gathered from my daily commute. That the greens are all timed the same just delayed a few seconds, so once Sinclair had turned green so did the intersection on Delrex. Now I had been on track for the Bridge, getting closer and closer to my house.
7. The Bridge was a good spot for me to take advantage of the speed I could, making up for a small amount of time, anything would of helped at the time. The next set of lights was at the top of the hill at Barber dr where I had to make a left turn to save me time because of a short cut. This is one of the short cuts that were used when I was a kid everyday walking home so I knew it could dramatically help especially the fact that no traffic was involved. The light on Barber happened to be red as I approached at very fast speeds, I saw a few oncoming cars at the time to my and left but they looked far away. I pressed on the breaks slightly to slow down, and then I gripped the wheels tight because I knew it would be a lot to handle. As I crossed the line to run the red turning left it turned green, either way I would have made it, just worked out good for me.
8.The speed limit was forty km on Barber Dr, I was going much faster but I wasn’t going to be on the road much longer, the park had a nice slanted driveway beside the opening. This would allow me to get on the grass with no problems, so I was able to drive right on the soccer field to the other end which brought me closer to my house. This would allow me to dodge road time and turning time because I would have to make another left further a head. The end of the park comes out onto Samuel Cres, there was enough room for my car to fit on the street once I got back on the road
9.I will go straight down Samuel until I reach the end making it to Argyll Rd, turning left on Argyll I can quickly make my way down the street running stop signs and passing cars since it is a two lane road. Once I reached my street, Davis Cres I drove directly to the corner house number thirty-four. I had pulled into the empty driveway as my family was at work; I assumed they were all dead. I had ran to the front door and opened it with my key, I didn’t really care about my car as I would no longer need it. I did on the other hand close my door in case they could reach my house before I was ready.
10.Inside my house, I had to hurry because I knew on Google maps it says it’ll take about nine minutes to get to my house, but I had put a dent in that number with tactical skills. I first had to grab the set of keys that would open all the necessary things I need. I ran up-stairs to my parents room to take them from a secret location which only we know about, then I ran into the room witch has a safe full of the only thing I need for the zombie attack, weapons. I had closed the door behind me then proceeded to the closet and swung open the doors. I knew which key opens the safe so it took me minimal time to open it, and start removing stuff. I had grabbed the duffel bag we keep in that room for camping and started filling it up. First I place my own thirty-thirty lever action rifle in the bag followed by one or two more of the same type, one thirty odd six bolt/lever action, one pump action twelve gauge shotguns and one twenty gauge pump action shotgun. Next I put all the ammo I had in the bag fortunately deer season is about to start so we are loaded up with tones of ammo, which will be an advantage to us. Although the guns are good I had two machetes and a crossbow with a full pack of bows and broad heads, on the backside of the safe. These weapons prove better then guns at times, this reason is because it doesn’t draw attention from the loud sound like a gunshot would make.
11.Those were all the weapons I needed for where I was going, but since I kept my hunting jacket in that closet I threw it on for warmth which I may need later. I was now heading for my shed in the back yard to get my ATV that would allow easy and fast transportation as long as I could get to it before they did… So I ran out the room and down my stairs to the main level heading for my back door that would take me on my deck. The shed was on the right side of my house so all I had to do was go down the wooden stairs and I was in front of the shed. When I stepped out I could see things moving in the distance in the field behind my house, I stood for a second maybe two when it kicked in, they were coming. I hurried down the stairs practically jumping all of them, while I stifled through keys to find the right one for the shed. It didn’t take me long at all because I knew what it looked like from getting the lawn mower to cut the grass so much in the summertime. The key for the four-wheeler was on a hook to the right of the door. Before I started it up I thought it might be out of gas, as I turned the key and the motor started I had joy when I saw the tank just over three quarters full, my dad had filed it because he was taking it hunting.
12.I ripped it out of the shed tearing up the grass in my backyard but that wasn’t a concern to me one bit, what was concerning to me at the time were the zombies in the field behind my house. I had kept riding through the gate door of my back fence that is not locked meaning it was easy to break through especially with a four-wheeler. The trip from here was going to be off road so before I left I made sure the duffel bag with my weapons was in a compartment. I then had cut through the backyards that are facing my house from Tenth line. From there I directly cut across Tenth line and used my knowledge of the farmers field and the surrounding area from when I was a kid as an advantage. Since the four wheeler could go off road I was able to drive over the farmers land and other terrain, once I cut though his one slot of land I came up behind his house and proceeded to where Green St starts. Instead of taking Green St though I took a left right before, this took me through an open field. This did not last very long it took me to a direct path that leads to the back of Arnies Auto shop in Norval. This shop is on Guelph St and this field helped me avoid lots of populated area and saved me time. The next thing was to go to the front of the shop and continue buy taking a left onto Guelph St going up the big hill, on route for the north central side of Georgetown.
13.As I was going up the hill most people were on route out of town, and the ones who weren’t and block my way, I could drive right up the shoulder and of the road. I was gone like the wind nothing was stopping me even the cars that were abandoned I could drive around them no effecting me at all. The trip along Guelph St lasted until I was in a clear visual for the Food Basics store, I had turned in where the Popeye’s restaurant is and went behind it. Where I could make a back entrance in the Food Basics, which is where Darrin and I used to work before this had happened.
14. I traveled along the back of the line of stores then turned left towards the back of the Basics revving full out to the loading door, which Darrin had unlocked earlier after we split up. Since there was a truck-unloading product before the outbreak in the main loader, I couldn’t fully ride my ATV up to the door. I had jumped off, grabbed the keys thinking they might be use full for another day and got the weapons from the compartment. The door was in close sight so I moved as quickly as I could, once I got in I had locked the door right behind me getting ready to execute phase two. I had to run up to the break room and drop off all the weaponry except for the two machetes; leaving me to go see where Darrin was.
15.The tricycle I was riding surprisingly had put up well for just being put together a few days ago, making me glad that Andrew and I had finished it including filling up the gas tank. I knew that this vehicle would give me some agility since it was smaller. Proceeding from the welding doors I went to the to end of the parking aisle hooking a left so I could go around to the exit going past the café. When I turned the corner where gym three was, the cars were line up.
16.Confident at the time I cut to the left going around all the people who were doing the same as me, but I was going much faster. Going up curbs and around obstacles was no problem as I came to the backside of the café and kept going straight. Then took a left directly onto the grass area behind G.A. This allowed me to avoid the cars trying to navigate the parking lot to the nearest exit. From there I along the backside of G.A so the exit turning onto Guelph St was in direct sight.
17.The cars were all backed up about to try and turn on to Guelph St but most people were not letting them in fast enough. So I thought the best route to get to Food Basics would just to be cutting along the sidewalks and properties of others. The only worry I had at the time were the intersections, I’d have to wait or dodge cars. After progressing up Guelph St I was at the Maple Ave intersection where I was not stopping for any car, since the lights were in my favour.
18.From that point the next two intersections were in front of Ctk high school and the Superstore entrance but the lights don’t stay on long. I always kept attention far ahead of where I was because my driving instructor Ted had made me do that during lessons. The lights was in my favour again so I ripped through and when I was aligned to the back loading area for superstore I tuned left through it so I was on the other side of the property. From there I had to cross the road carefully although it usually wasn’t to busy on that side during the day, it also made me avoid the huge intersection at Mountainview Rd and Guelph St.
19.At that point I was right around the Georgetown Toyota so I was driving up along the sidewalk and companies properties/parking lots. I had to cut through the parking lot of Georgetown KIA where all the cars are parked around the edge of the area. Pretty sure I marked up a couple but I didn’t really care at the time. From there I speed through the next car dealership and could almost see Food Basics, I just had to cut across the cop shop and the arena. I had hoped at the time the cops would be more concentrated on better things, because this tricycle isn’t really street legal. All the cop cars were gone, who knew where they were, probably escaping. When I was driving by I ripped it as fast as I could in excitement that I was almost at my destination, drifting past the skate park. I cut through the arena parking lot to the road beside the store then continued to the front entrance of Food Basics. I had parked the tricycle along the front wall of the store and took its keys for possible later use.
20. I had put on the work shirt that was in my locker and walked into the store to the back as if I was scheduled to start. Next I had picked up the phone for the P.A system and sounded like I was in distress chanting that a bomb is in the store and we only have two minutes. I had reassured the police had just said to evacuate for they will they be here momentarily. The first thing I did after that was go and unlock the back loading door for Andrew to get in with the weapons, at the time I had no clue if he would make it or not.
21.What I did next was run to the front of the store and make sure that the people left the store even though there weren’t many. In the middle of the day Food Basics never was that busy and lots of people were already evacuating the town. I looked and all I saw were people running from the building so I locked up the first sliding door, insuring that no one could come in or at least without force. I had turned around after hearing a person yell and it was Andrew with a two machetes in his hand. We both had then pushed all the buggies in front of the first door throwing some on top to make it harder for the zombies, even if they could break the glass it is very thick. Then Andrew took a buggy and started gathering a few more food sources from the back room and floor. I had gone through the entrance to the actual floor and locked it, also throwing a display as a small blockade. The last door exiting was all that had needed to be locked, then I had noticed the people previously running from the store were now running back to there cars and some to the store in array from realisation of the zombie attack. I had locked the last door and started to head to the back room to help Andrew gather Supplies.
22. When I got there he had already been carrying stuff up to the break room where we would be able to with stand the zombies for as long as our food would last us. Judging on the amount of it and if wise usage is taken place I am saying it’d last about a month and a half. After we fished carrying the last of the load up I locked the first door then proceeded to the upper level. Andrew had already started to grab lockers and throw them down the break room stairway for extra blockade in the rare occasion zombies would be able to get through. Then I locked the very last door, which is at the top of the stairs making the hide out a permanent stay until it’s safe. We had then walked up the stairs to the roof of the store getting a whole visual of what was going on, but we of course had loaded a rifle and the crossbow before doing anything else. Upon arrival to the roof it became clear to both us of what the meaning of a class three outbreak was as we could see over most of the town…….
When receiving a text message in class about a class three-zombie apocalypse Darrin and I had sprung into action and immediately left the classroom in hunt for survival. Before we leave the school we will grab our Zombie kits and a few things from our lockers that will help us down the road. While Darrin gets our tricycle, which we made in welding class that is very versatile for transportation. Making it an ideal vehicle for zombie conditions. I get into my car as the two of us break paths for a small amount of time until we can be fully ready to dig into the Food Basics store. Where we’re planning to Hideout. Darrin plans on going directly to the store from the school taking the sidewalks and any other way he can that will get him to the store as fast as possible. At that point he will evacuate the building, by calling upon a fake bomb threat. He will be announcing it on the P.A system and since he is a trusted employee and his father has been in the company the other employees would not question as it is for the safety of others. From when I get into my car I will drive as fast as I can; running lights and taking precautious short cuts like driving through a park for example. Once I reach my house I will be able to get weapons that will prove worthy for short and long-term use. The weapons I offer range from machetes for a up close silent blunt kills, Crossbow for a long range/short range silent weapon, shot guns for mid/close range loud and bloody kill and finally rifles for all range kills but is very loud like the shot guns. I will then get my ATV and proceed through back bush and farm field, until I hit a road that will quickly take me to Food basics. I know these paths from traveling the fields around my house from when I was a kid, when we would cut quickly to Norval. When I reach the store from a back entrance that Darrin opened for me I will assist him in finishing quick blockades at the very front for the initial attack. It may hold or it may not but it will at least delay them from walking right into the store. We then gather supplies that are in the back that will allow us to last around a month in our break room that is located in a strategic spot. With the supplies we go up the stairs the break room located in the back room, which happens to have two steel doors with wired glass windows that are very small, and the doors can be locked as well. Since one door is at the bottom of the stairs and the other is at the top this is a key point for us for many reasons, if one door is breached (which is very unlikely) we can kill zombies while they funnel in the stairs. We can blockade the stairs with big lockers, tables, chairs and what not so it would lower the chance of them even being able to make it up there. The second door gives us extra protection in case of a breach up the stairs, it also protects us from our sound being fully exposed, and the light we use could be blocked out giving no reason for zombies to even suspect something suspicious. This room gives us many other advantages as well; we can easily reach the roof for any reason, which connects to many other buildings making lots of possible options if they can be breached. The roof also gives us a complete perimeter checks of the complete surrounding area since the building is tall we can overview lots of action from a distance in case of emergency needs. The break room also has an exit to the back of the store going outside but it is impossible to be opened from the outside, giving us an escape root to ground level. All in all we thought the store was a good place because it provided us with a massive amount of food especially for just the two of us, and complete protection in a very well known area, exceptionally efficient since we have keys for everything already. Also it gives us a long term place to stay because one we can make it past the first wave of zombies and we won’t run out of food, we have lots of weapons to clear out the store if they can make it in. This way we could build up more protection around the actual store and make a bigger and better living area where we can have a huge place unexposed to the outside. We could have fires in the freezer room so the zombies couldn’t smell or see anything from outside. It gives us power over other people and could be used for bargaining purposes, in case the army doesn’t show up for a long time even if at all. Wouldn’t be the first time the government has let the people down.
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