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Product Placement

No description

Ronda Middleton

on 7 March 2017

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Transcript of Product Placement

Product Placement
Product Placement
Showing or speaking about a specific product in a TV show or movie
How many times is product placement used?

nonpersonal promotion. Companies pay to promote their product or service. Advertising creates a one-way communiction to the prospect or customer.

product placement also called embedded marketing or branded entertainment
a form of advertisement, where branded goods or services are placed in tv, news, and game shows, reality shows, and movies where the story line of the movie or television shows use the product to enhance the story line or event.

Team Discussion
Discuss times you have seen product placement in shows or movies - how did the product interact in the scene it was shown

Product Placement Background and History
As of April 2006, approximately two thirds of advertisers employ product placement with 80% in commercial TV programming. Reasons for using this style of advertising varies from 'stronger emotional connection' to the targeted viewer to better dovetailing with relevant content aimed at a specific group.

This can be called "direct marketing" to the demographics who watch certain TV shows. For example: Certain shows feature commercials that consist of cars, technology and movies, which make the demographic of the television show being watched extremely important. It is safe to assume that the target market of this group of commercials would be male, 18-35, high income professional.

Knowing your audience (demographics) is important. Product placement takes this into consideration. For instance, would you put a tube of denture toothpaste on the bathroom counter in the TV show "Glee"? Probably not. But you would put a tube of Crest White Strips on the counter in the bathroom. This is because the age group (demographics) of viewers of this show are not above the age of 35.

Companies pay the production companies of TV shows and movies to have their product appear in the shows, just as they pay for commercials you see on TV.

Many times we don't even realize that we are seeing a product in a TV scene. This is called subliminal. Our brain, or subconscious, registers the product but our consious brain does not.
Obvious Examples
30 Rock - https://www.cteonline.org/resources/view/16115

American Idol - https://www.cteonline.org/resources/view/16116


You will partner with the person next to you, and come up with one scenario where a product placement wouldn't work. Describe the scene and how the product would not fit in. Then describe a product and how the placed product might fit into what's happening in the scene. (same scene as the first) You must describe why the product placement would work and with what age group, income level, interest (sports, books, etc.), the product placement scenario fills.

One person will be the recorder and the other person will be the speaker.
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