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Joclyn Bushman

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Mongolia

Mongolia Mongolia is the 6th largest country in Asia. In the north there are mostly numerous lakes, rivers, and streams The north and west of the country is mostly mountainous and covered with meadows. Steppes and forests that support good pastures. South Mongolia is where the famous Gobi Desert. North West East South In the east it is composed of vast steppes and plains. The Gobi Desert is the widest in the west, joining the Lake Bosten. Importance: People there do alot of fishing for money. They also do logging and make furniture in the north. Importance: In the east there is a lot of farming and cattle raising. Not many people live in the south because it is so hot and sandy that it is very hard to make a living. Importance: Importance: In the west they mostly do fishing there and sell it. By. Joclyn Bushman
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