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10 Truss Bridges

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Mohamed Farah 19

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of 10 Truss Bridges

10 Truss Bridges
K-truss bridge
The K Truss design was a variant from the Parker truss design. The Parker, in turn, came from the Pratt truss. The idea of the K truss is to break up the vertical members into smaller sections. This is because the vertical members are in compression. The shorter a member is, the more in can resist buckling from compression. The K truss, probably because of its complexity, did not became very popular in the United States.
Pratt Truss Bridge
The Pratt Truss was designed by Thomas and Caleb Pratt in 1844. It became popular for railway bridges because it made good use of iron.
Post Truss Bridge
A Post truss is a hybrid between a Warren truss and a double-intersection Pratt truss.
King Post Truss Bridge
One of the simplest truss styles to implement, the king post consists of two angled supports leaning into a common vertical support.
Queen Post Truss Bridge
The queens post truss, sometimes queen post or queens post, is similar to a king post truss in that the outer supports are angled towards the center of the structure.
Warren Truss Bridge
The Warren truss was patented in 1848 by its designers James Warren and Willoughby Theodora Monzani, and consists of longitudinal members joined only by angled cross-members, forming alternately inverted equilateral triangle-shaped spaces along its length, ensuring that no individual strut, beam, or tie is subject to bending or torsional straining forces, but only to tension or compression.
Brown Truss Bridge
The Brown truss is a box truss that is a through truss (as contrasted with a deck truss) and consists of diagonal cross compression members connected to horizontal top and bottom stringers.The Brown Truss bridge was invented by Joseph Brown jr.The year that brown truss bridge was made in july 7 1857.
Allan Truss Bridge
The Allan Truss was designed
by Percy Allan and it is based
on the Howe Truss bridge.
Lattice Truss Bridge
This type of bridge uses
a substantial number of
lightweight elements and
easing the task of construction.
The End
By:Mohamed Farah
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