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Ana Maria Animals of the rainforest

No description


on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Ana Maria Animals of the rainforest

The Scarlet Macaw eyes are surround by bright yellow color. The macaw has some beautiful bright colors feathers on him like yellow blue and red. It is 90 cm and 35 inches long. The macaws beak is curved and its legs are dark grey.
Interesting facts 2
The macaw lives in the canopy of the rainforest. Its predator is the Jaguar and Ocelot. The tarantula eating birds but they do not eat the macaws since they are too big for tarantulas.
The harpy eagle eats the macaws. The macaws eat bugs and fruits. the macaw is the largest parrot in the world. He lays 2 eggs per year!

Adaptations 3
The macaws adaptations is its beak. He needs to get food so he adapts its beak to break nuts. And the macaw uses its beak as a third foot so they can climb trees easily. The macaws feet adapt to climb, grab and examine now things.
Creatures name and description. 1
Scarlet Macaw.
How is your animal in danger?
One way the Scarlet macaw is in danger is when people cut dawn their homes and capturing them as pets. The babies cost 4,000 dollars.
The rainforest is an interdependent, ecosystem with limits and resources. My rainforest creature depends on other living things for its survival. The Scarlet macaw depends on the Ocelot, Jaguar and the Black Caiman.

Scarlet macaw

by .Ana Maria
3rd grade
Ms. lisa class

The End
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