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Creating Rich Online Environments to Reach Today's Student

An introduction to instructional technologies to engage students and foster collaborative learning

Dean Blumberg

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Creating Rich Online Environments to Reach Today's Student

creating online & blended learning spaces for collaboration and sharing knowledge
Learning new tech is time consuming
Consider the benefits of problem solving
Re-think how class time is used

What are your concerns?
Google Drive
Movement and Zoom
Show the visual relationship between parts
Embed media and links quickly and easily
Share and adapt work of others
Tip: do not make your viewers dizzy
Capture difficult lessons/tasks
Cut down on repetition in class
Create content students can interact with on their terms and at their pace
Upload/Embed to a variety of places
(video capture of your computer screen)
Wiki means Hawaiian for "quick"
Shared online workspace
Online Repository
Free Microsoft Office-like products
Group projects
Time management/collaboration experience is vital
Group projects/shared websites
Collate media and examples
Sharing of thoughts and responses
Post syllabus, course requirements, hw
Collaboration among teachers (assignments, rubrics, best practices, resources, etc)

technology literacy
effective communication
effective collaboration
Teach skills for the workforce:
student engagement
active learning
share knowledge
supplemental resources
easy access
How do you learn best?
1. Set up a Google account
Google Drive (Collaborative Docs, Sheets, Presentations)
Many more
"The University of Central Florida examined face-to-face,
blended, and fully online models and found that blended
approaches were most successful in 'unbundling' the
classroom — students felt that instructors were more
accessible when learning materials and discussion
forums were placed online and there was altogether more
persistent communication through the use of virtual
learning environments."
NMC Horizon Report: 2015 Higher Education Edition
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