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My Health Story

No description

Brianna Riffle

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of My Health Story

Project Two
By: Brianna Riffle
Definition: any substance that causes a change in a person's physical or physilogical state.
Side Affect
Definition: any effect that is caused by a drug and that is different then the drug's intened effect.
Definition: a written order from a doctor for a specific medicine.
Over The Counter (OTC) Medicine
Definition: any medicine that can be bought without a prescription.
Definition: describes a drug or medicine that affects the brain and changes how a person perceives, thinks, or feels.
Generic Medicine
Definition: a medicine made by a company other than the company that developed the original medicine.
Active Ingredient
Definition: the chemical component that gives a medicine its action.
Definition: any drug used to cure, prevent, or treat illness or discomfort.
Definition: a condition in which a person can no longer control his or her drug use
Drug Tolerance
Definition: a conditionin which a user needs more of a drug to feel the same effect it felt when first using the drug.
Physical Dependence
Definition: a state in which the body relies on a given drug in order to function.
Psychological Dependence
Definition: a state of emotionally or mentally needing a drug in order to function.
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