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Ancient Oklahoma

What Oklahoma was millions of years ago

Jake Staats

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Oklahoma

Oklahoma The Age
of Reptiles Oklahoma's
Mountains Form Swamp
Treasure What Oklahoma Really
Use To Be Like Conclusion is here 400 MYA The surface of Oklahoma was flat and almost completely covered by a shallow sea. Oklahoma Time Line The predominant form of marine
life at this time was the Trilobite. 300 MYA Whole sections of the sea's bottom rose majestically from benearth the water to be tilted, folded and fractured to form great mountain chains. Baird & Goble pg.4 Only fragments of these great mountain
chains still exist within Oklahoma today. Ouachita Mountains Wichita Mountains Arbuckle Mountains You might recognize these mountains
in this I-35 Drive to Dallas What did Oklahomans find in their mountains in the early 1900's?
a. diamonds
b. gold
c. silver b. Gold Lost Gold Mines of Oklahoma Extreme heat and pressure not only created Gold, but also created...... Hint #1 There is a city in Oklahoma named after this stone. Hint #2 You might have countertops in your house made out of this stone Hint # 3 Some would even say it is GRANd Granite Find the city on the map Jonhston County Jackson County Greer County Granite Counties in Oklahoma As the mountains moved up, adjacent areas of land dropped down
creating basins "next to/possibly joined" A natural depression of the Earth's surface, usually containing water At the edge of these water-filled basins lay extensive swamps

Huge Plants
Colorful Flowers
Strange Insects
Large Reptiles However - things die, but they are still connected Mufasa is one smart lion! When these plants and creatures died their remains were collected
beneath the swamp waters. This act helped produce our treasures!!!! Fossil Fuels Coal Petroleum Natural Gas The value of our "swamp treasure is more than double the value of agricultural products (the states second biggest industry" 5% of the national total 10% of the national total Oil has been found in
66 of our 77 counties Oklahoma Oil, Natural Gas, and Coal Counties
Biggest Counties Carter County Lindsey County Texas County Beaver County Craig County Rogers County Haskell County JO JA G B T C L R CA H 170 MYA Pangaea has split into 2 super continents: Modern day Oklahoma is apart of what super continent? 70 MYA Pressures in the Earth elevated the land. This pushed the land above sea level, drained the basins, and moved the sea to the south 65 MYA All dinosaurs disappeared from Oklahoma's landscape (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr To Be Continued....
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