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A quick overview of how to podcast and when it might be most effective!

Scott Orrange

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Podcasting

podcasting For Teachers What is a podcast?!? What Am I going to need? Ready To go, How do i get started? How do I share? Where Can I find help? Special Thanks Little File Big Picture Jordan Raup: Editor and Chief of The Film Stage: www.thefilmstage.com
Shawn Orrange: Cartoonist/Computer wiz www.sidequests.org
Ryan Miller... for keeping Buffalo proud. Go Sabers!
A podcast is any video or audio file which is episodic and convenient to share and access.
It’s basically just an mp3 or video file designed to be similar to a radio or television broadcast.
Podcasting is especially useful For Teachers Reach students at home
Engage students with a good verbal-linguistic intelligence
Share with colleagues
Reusable (and no paper needed)
Take advantage of mobile devices and smart phones via RSS feeds.
It’s easier than you think!!!

Great for Students Too Unlimited creative possibilities
Podcasting offers an alternative to the traditional face-to-face presentation
Adds an element of media literacy to any class or topic Hardware Software Record audio using your computer or download audio from a portable divice
Edit your audio using Audacity
Use your LAME mp3 encoder
Vuala! You have your podcast ready
Embed your mp3 in a class webpage or a class blog. (Free Blog at http://wordpress.com/)
Offer your content as an RSS feed so students are continually updated with each podcast you release! (Free feed syndication at www.feedburner.com/) General Podcasting Do's and Don't's
RSS Feeds
Consequence of Sound: Be careful what you say or do in any podcast or digital media. You will be held responsible for any slip ups or misinformation
Boring is boring is booorrrriiiinnng: A lame mp3 or video is just as bad as a lame lecture or lesson, so try to make it fun!
Piracy... not just for pirates anymore: Intro and outro music is nice, but copyright infringement is not. Computer USB microphone Internet Connection lame mp3 encoder (free) Don't Quote Me On It... This stuff really is simple. Sit down with a cup of coffee and a bit of patience, watch a few youtube tutorials and give it a shot! To check out this prezi ANYTIME go to my brand new wordpress blog:

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