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Evidence Based Practice at St. Jude

No description

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of Evidence Based Practice at St. Jude

Practice - pts with peripheral IVs (PIV), have their PIV flushed with 1.5 cc of 10 U heparin q8h.

Often pts would come in outpatient one day, get their PIV started and kept it in, have tests run, then be admitted the next day for diagnostic scans.

How St. Jude Uses Evidence Based Practice
Evidence Based Practice
at St. Jude

Form a Team
Iowa Model
Literature search
Evaluate evidence
Problems Based
New Research or other literature
National Agencies or Organizational Standards and Guidelines
Philosophies of Care
Questions from Institutional Standards Committees
Risk Management data
Process improvement data
Internal/external benchmarking
Financial data
Identification of Clinical Problem

Knowledge Focused
Requiring families to flush with heparin correctly was problematic.

Question arose if the practice could be altered to a more easily compliant process with equal safety.

Registered nurses,
Nurse researchers

(Initial request to change to saline declinied by Infection Control Committee)
"Evidence overwhelmingly suported a change to the use of saline rather than heparin to flush peripheral PIVs in pediatric patients"
Evidence presented to Pharmacy, Medicine and infection Control. Practice accepted
Policy Accepted by Medical Staff
Began practice on all units as pilot
Data gathered, analyzed,
and confirmed original studies
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