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Napoleon vs. Snowball

English I Project on Animal Farm

Christopher Estep

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of Napoleon vs. Snowball

Napoleon vs. Snowball Snowball is compassionate for the animals, and Napoleon is an evil dictator that only cares for himself Snowball was good, and helped a lot in helping the other animals understand things, such as literature. Napoleon executed anybody that he suspected was "in league" with Snowball. Napoleon continuously made up lies about Snowball, to control the other "lower class" animals. Napoleon gave himself medals, when there was nothing to congratulate on. Animal Farm George Orwell English 1 Christopher Estep Tiggerlilly
<3 The commandments were often changed to suit the needs of the pigs. Napoleon lied to the animals by getting Squealer to send fake messages to them. The farm was a lot more composed, when Snowball was on the farm, but when he got expelled everything turned into chaos. When the animals tried remembering if Snowball was ever a tyrant, they could never recall anything. Snowball never did anything against the farm. Napoleon cheated and lied. Snowball was truthful. Napoleon had the rations filled with sand to make it look like they had plenty. Napoleon made people address him as "Our Leader, Comrade Napolean." Which I thought was a little overboard. In my opinion... Napoleon was like the evil twin, and snowball was the good one. Napoleon had unnessicary precatutions made that included guards following him around where ever he went. Napoleon began wearing clothes, which he outlawed in the beggining of the rebellion along with taking along other human traits. Also, Napoleon started to walk on two legs and changed the motto from "two legs good, four legs bad," to "two legs good, four legs better." Napoleon tried to convince the other animals that snowball was in leage with the humons during the "Battle of Cowshed." However, when the animals tried to remember if this was true,
they couldn't
recall it.
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