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How to use Prezi

Are you bored of PowerPoint? Text heavy slides getting you down? Why not try out Prezi instead! This Prezi is here to help!

Tim Bond

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of How to use Prezi

Hate Micrsoft Powerpoint? Takes too long Looks boring I don't know how to make it fun? It's called prezi! It's not just for 33 Digital! It's easy to use It's fun & fun-ky! Now you're good to go! No, really! This presentation took about 30 mins to make! And watching the intro video
(twice!) Including sign-up... Let's PREzi it up! Well there's a new presentation tool on the block! Why not give it a go? It's really easy to get going How do I get started? Is it complicated? All you have to do is... Visit www.prezi.com Sign up (for free!) Then watch this intro video... So...
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