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Achieving our goals writing and cartooning

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Joy Li

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Achieving our goals writing and cartooning

Achieving our goals
writing and cartooning

How I started in writing
My mom gave me a note book and I quickly started writing in it. I discovered a new hobby! " Literature is a great way to express yourself," my mom said. I soon began to agree......
You should do writing, because it is fun!! Also it is a great way to express your feelings about a topic. Writing styles vary and it is really cool to try different techniques of this awesome hobby! Writing is a skill that everyone can learn!
By Joy Li and Julie Kuofie
How I got started in cartooning
My friend gave me a picture of a cartoon fox.
Her sister drew that fox and I was impressed.
I loved the picture that I started thinking about learning how to do cartooning! That is my story...
Tips on writing
Tips on Cartooning
-Start with simple drawings
- Then start drawing intermediate cartoons
-If you have mastered the basic and intermediate, you can try harder cartooning.
- Always read lots of books! Reading helps your writing skills a lot!
- Do you have a strong imagination? Or do you have a more factual mind? Remember to chose which type of writing suits YOU best. Later on you can learn other types of writing!
- When you become a more skilled writer you can use techniques such as, similes, hyperbole,foreshadowing,and metaphors.
Why you should you do writing
Why you should do cartooning!
You should do cartooning because if you want to become a illustrator for children books or graphic books. This would be a fun job in my opinion.Another reason you should do cartooning is that it is a amusing way to pass time!!
Ways to get better in cartooning!
Ways to improve on writing
1. Read different types of books.
1. Make sure you practice everyday to improve your cartooning skills.

2.Watch drawing tutorials to learn how to draw animals, places or things.

3.Once you have got the idea of watching the tutorials you can start making your own cartoon animals!!
2. Try to use more complex words such as miraculous, oblivious, and exuberant.
Use sticky notes to take quick notes, to help you on your writing piece.
Things I learned about writing!
Things I learned about cartooning

Did you know that Barbies full name is actually
Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Also did you know that Mickey Mouses name was originally called Mortimer. Walt's wife thought it was creepy so they changed it to Mickey mouse.

The most popular comic strip was Peanuts by Charles Schulz which was in 2,620 different newspaper in 75 different countries!

Sometimes it's good to know about your drawing before you draw
Did you know that in America pencils are yellow to show that their pencils contained Chinese graphite. But in China the color yellow means respect and loyalty. So the American pencil company started painting the pencils for another reason, to communicate a "regal" feeling and association with China.I got this information at www.wima.org
Another fun fact about writing is the sentence:The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog has all the letters in the English language! I got this information at www.on-writing-a-book.com
My background in this skill an why I chose it as my goal!
I was in the advanced writing club with a few other people in 5th grade. I also got an full score(400) on the CMT writing club! was pretty proud of myself! I decided this to be my goal so that when I grow up I can be a writer and illustrator for my own books.
My background in cartooning and why I chose it

Usually when I get bored I just doodle. Then I started thinking that if I get bored instead of doodling, I could draw cartoons.

I chose cartooning because once I learn how to draw cartoons better I can use it for a job or even a hobby. Also cartooning can be a fun thing to do when you have nothing else to do. :)
My background in writing and why I choose this as my goal!
My background in writing is that last year I was in the advanced writing club with a few other people. I also got an 400(full score) on my CMT writing prompt. I choose writing as my goal to get better at because you can always learn more skills in writing.
here's a video about how to draw a cartoon
Here's an example of one of my poems!
A giant brown line leading up to a bushy surprise full of nervous green leaves.Every time the wind blows, he takes a dew-dotted leaf with him.They swirl together creating an organic dance routine unaware of the chilly background. The green is slowly being conquered by the orange,yellow,red and brown armies. All of the trees get defeated and are covered with warm colors.The wind comes just in time for the ball. His friends tag along unsure of his idea.A variety of leafs with different shades billow and quiver in harmony. They fall at individual times fabricating a musical rhythm. After the ball, petioles cover the ground like watercolors on a canvas. A family rakes up the leaves and the children plunge into the big pile. Laughter fills the brisk air.

By Joy Li
Thanks for listening to our presentation! We hope you enjoyed our prezi! -Joy Li and Julie Kuofie
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