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Sean O'Neill W8 South Africa

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Sean O'Neill W8 South Africa

Sean O'Neill W8 South Africa
Traditional music in South Africa
The music in South Africa is mainly from wind instruments. The music has a very high pitch because most of the wind instruments are small. There style of music has a high pace.
Bra Ntemi's Kwela
Three instruments in South African music include:
-reed flute
Laudo Liebenberg plays rythem guitar and he has been playing since 2007 to present day. Snak Head plays the drums and he has been playing from 2007 to present day. Hennie Van Halen plays the bass guitar and he has been playing since 2007 to present day.
My region is in Africa
Geographical features include include high plateaus, South Africa is located on the southern tip of Africa, it's also along the Atlantic Ocean. The type of government in South Africa is a republic. To vote, one would have to be at least 18 years old. The chief and president of South Africa is Jacob Zuma.

Purpose of Music
In South Africa they used their music to celebrate three main things. These include rituals of birth days, puberty, and just birth. They also used music for religous beliefes such as linking Christianity with Indigenous practices.
I looked on google search for a really long time, but nothing came up about their stadiums or even picturesof stadium.
South African music has a fast pace, high pitch sound to it. It is used for rituals of birth and puberty, and the instruments are not the same to America.
Pitch high

dynamics presto

tempo mezzopiano

timbre happy, clear
Bra Ntemi's Kwela
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