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No description

Simon Smidt

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Marrakesh

Marrakesh Red city Names History Geography Climate Religion Tourism Ben Youssef Madrassa El-Badi palace Bahia palace Menara gardens Koutoubia Mosque Saadian Tombs Train station Sister cities Political situation Famous inhabitants Atlas mountains Sources by Sjoerd Smidt and Stan Vierhout Former Imperial City of Morroco Capital of the province of Marrakesh One of the four Imperial Cities Atlas Mountains Land of God Kingdom of Marrakech Berber word Murakush Red City Abu-Bakr Yusuf ibn Tashfin Koutoubia Mosque Seven Saints Islam is the official Religion in Marrakesh Djemaa el Fna Market Place in Medina Main Square Very touristic Next to the Marrakesh Souk Islamic College Founded during the Marinid period Abu al-Hassan Closed down in 1960 built by the Saadian king Ahmad al-Mansur Richly decorated Courtyard Alaouite Sultan Mawlay Ismail 19th century Brilliance Si Moussa residence of the French resident general c. 1130 West of Marrakech Green pyramid roof Hydraulic system Largest mosque Ultimate structure of its kind Four copper globes Great Influence Recently discovered Major attraction Saadi Dynasty Three rooms Direct rail link to Casablanca and Fez Built in 1923 during French protectorate time Impressive building Granada, Spain Timbuktu, Mali Fatima Zahra Mansouri
Beat Omar Jazouli
First female Mayor Former Lawyer Sean Connery Madonna Leonardo Di Caprio Naomi Campbell Mountain range across a northern stretch of Africa Separate ranges, including the Middle Atlas, High Atlas, and Anti-Atlas Hydraulic use / water reserve Wikipedia Google www.ciafactbook.com www.marrakech.net Thank you for your attention
Stan Vierhout & Sjoerd Smidt HDI Population Square km Birth/Death rate Life expectancy Literacy Ethnic groups
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