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mindmapping for cryano

Acts one and Act two

Karah Anderson

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of mindmapping for cryano

Cyrano de Bergerac Act one the setting in the
beginning of this play is
at a play waiting for
it to start La clorise is the play
everyone is seeing. Cyrano is
in this play, he ends up shutting
it stopping it cause someone insulted
his nose. Lingiere's writing is insulting De Guisch and him marrying the cardinals niece and wanting to marry Roxane. Isulting Cyrano's features:
Cyrano hates getting instulted. So when someone insults him he usually will pick a fight with him.In this case someone insulted him and he ends up fighting him and telling a peom about there fight during the fight. Roxane and Cyrano's love is different. Everyone likes Roxane. Roxane likes Christian for his beauty. Christian thinks she is out of his league. The actor Montefleury is a very
well known actor. He was in La Cloise... he makes fun of Cyranos nose. Cyrano hates being made fun of so they start to sword fight. Cyrano's has lots of problems,such as his enimies for closing the play again. He cant be in the play because he closed it. He loves Roxane but can't talk to her because he doesn't like his nose. Cyrano gets invited to a meeting with Roxane. He thinks Roxane is going to tell him that she loves him. The impending battle is Cyrano trying to go save Lingiere from 100 men. Cyrano fights and kills 7 men the other 93 run away. Act 2 The poets get there food from Ragueneau. He lets them pay with poetry because he likes peotry so much. Sence Ragueneau isnt getting any money he cant buy supplies. So his wife wrapps all the food he makes with bags made out of the poetry. While Cyrano was fighting off the 100 men he hurt his hand.After the battle he went to go meet Roxane. she noticed his hand. They knew each other sence they were little. She bandaged his hand like she use to, while she bandaged his hand she told him she loves Christain. For Roxane and Cyrano to talk Cyrano gives the Duenna some pastries to leave th room. Roxane see's a lovers soul through there eyes. Cyrano promises Roxane that he will make sure that nothing happens to Christian, while they are at battle. Cyrano and Chistian made a bargain. the bargain was that Cyrano would right letter and tell Christian what to say to Roxane. De guiche bearing barring insults.. Cyrano writes a letter to Roxane explaining his feeling about her. He ends up sending the letter to Roxane saying it was from Christian.
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