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Apprenticeship Assessment Day at SDC

No description

Emily Tucker

on 29 June 2011

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Transcript of Apprenticeship Assessment Day at SDC

Helpful hints to secure employment....

Talk to your Training Officer

Speak with friends, family and neighbours

Check Jobcentre, Connexions, Recruitment Agencies, Newspapers and Internet

Prepare a list of prospective employers

Prepare your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and letter of introduction What you will gain? Today TODAY....

Literacy and Numeracy Assessments

4 Written Questions

Interview with your Training Officer

Tour of the Carpentry workshops and meet the Tutors Apprenticeships Benefits YOUR BENEFITS....

Earn while you learn

Apply your new skills in your workplace

Learn other practical skills

Framework - recognised worldwide Costs COSTS....

Apprentices 16 - 18 (NO COST)

Apprentices 19+ (Employer is liable for a £95 a month training levy charge) Important Info YOU WILL GAIN....

Diploma Level 2

NVQ Level 2

Key Skills Level 1 Communications and Level 1 Aplication of Number

ERR (Employment Rights and Responsibilities) IMPOTANT INFO
Being Safe....

All learners MUST act in a safe and responsible manner both at college and in your workplace! Training Officer ? TRAINING OFFICER
We do......

10 weekly reviews

Employer and curriculum link

Health and Safety

Employer and learner queries KEEP YOUR EMPLOYER HAPPY....

Be reliable, punctual and honest

Use your initiative

Communicate with you employer

Be respectful and professional at all times

Show you are interested

Follow the dress code

Observe employers rules Personal Protective Equipment....

(PPE) MUST be worn at all times at WORK and in the COLLEGE workshops Employer Commitments....

Contract of employment

Statutory holiday

Minimum weekly apprentice wage for the first year (£2.50 per hour)

Supervise their apprentice at all times

Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Learner Commitments......

100% Attendance

Positive attitude and motivation

Meeting all targets set


Comply with all employers rules and regulations

Being health and safety (H&S) compliant including personal protective equipment (PPE) usage Commitments JOBSHOP
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