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Superhero Project

No description

Brian Garcia

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Superhero Project

By: Brian Garcia Galliblade - Super Smart
- Expert Martial Artist
-Razor Sharp -Blades Made Of Gallium
Strengths - Begins Melting if is in temperatures higher than 135 degrees
- Begins to become powder if he is in temperatures lower than 32 degrees

_ Galliblade would work really good with Tinman.
He would also work well with Hydrogina. Together they will make a very powerful weapon known as the exterminator. Possible Sidekicks
His name is John Conor, but he is mostly know as Galliblade. He is a man but his cells were replaced by atoms and is now made of gallium. He has razor sharp blades made of gallium and is an expert martial artist. Now he fights crime and saves the citizens of East Point. Bio
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