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How to make a Storyboard

No description

Sara Scasso

on 16 May 2015

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Transcript of How to make a Storyboard

Decide how detailed to get

A storyboard can be incredibly detailed, with illustrations depicting every shot or you can select only the most important events.
Identify the key scenes in your story

A storyboard is meant to give its viewer the idea of how the story will translate to film. The point isn't to try to recreate the entire experience in a flip book, but to demonstrate important key parts that will draw the viewer in.
Establish a timeline

Establishing the parameters for when and where your story takes place, and deciding in which order the events of the story happen, is the best way to organize your story.
When you’re planning a video, the first step in the process is to make a storyboard so you can bring your script to life and present it to other people.

A storyboard is a series of thumbnails that show the breakdown of the video, illustrating the key scenes.

Follow the instructions and learn how to map your story.
How to make a Storyboard

Write a description of what each cell will show

Now that you know what main scenes you want to show, think about how to depict the action in each illustration.
Go down your list of scenes and write a description of the most important elements of each one.
Decide what medium to use for your template

You can draw a basic storyboard template using Adobe Illustrator, www.storyboardthat.com, Microsoft PowerPoint, Amazon's Storyteller, or inDesign to create a storyboard template in vertical or horizontal format.
Finalize the storyboard

Once you have identified the key points of the subject and worked out a design for each frame, review your work and make final changes
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